Using Social Media to Promote and Grow Your Website

You can have the best website design in the world or offer some great, well-priced products and services online, but if people don’t know about you, none of it matters. You need a steady flow of viewers coming in every day if you want to improve brand awareness or start selling enough merchandise to make a decent living. While website design, SEO and testing are all important, this article will focus on using social media to to grow your website and bring in more visitors.

Grow Your Website With YouTube

Setting up a YouTube channel is quick and straightforward. Videos allow you to interact with your audience more directly and offer unique information that would be otherwise unavailable to them. Product reviews, instructional videos, Q&A’s, funny or educational videos – these are all great for getting people’s attention. The secrets to having a relatively popular YouTube channel include:
  • Be either very fun or highly informative, mixing these two will get you far
  • Produce tons of content regularly
  • Get feedback from the viewers and keep evolving
  • Look at the view count to gauge how well different types of content are received and adjust your channel accordingly
  • Interact with the YouTube community
Let’s say that you are a musician and want to promote your website. Some examples of good YouTube videos in this scenario would be:
  • Providing viewers with inside information about the industry and music as a career path
  • Creating a video series titled: “Things you didn’t know about famous bands”
  • Creating a “How To” video series where you give lessons on singing or playing an instrument
  • Compiling “Top 10 List Of” videos where you discuss musical greats from various periods or genres, great movie soundtracks, etc.
If you have an online shop, then product reviews, interesting information about different manufacturers and their company history and how to videos showing the best way to use the different products are all great video ideas. Lawyers can comment on latest news from their branch and give some basic legal information; real estate agents can give video house and neighborhood tours, create videos about DIY home improvement tips, and so on. You need to use your imagination and provide interesting content regularly, as well as make catchy video titles and work on your tags.

Grow Your Website With Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to provide tons of additional information about who you are and what you do. You can have a business or fan page where you can link to your website and provide some additional content, receive fan questions, organize contests and offer free samples. The people running the website can also interact with customers and fans using their personal accounts, and you can get some firsthand feedback and user testimonials. Artists can use Facebook as an avenue to build up a closer relationship with the most loyal fans by giving them some personal information, sharing pictures, etc.

You can even sell merchandise directly from Facebook or offer free digital content. There are tons of easy options for creating a Facebook store, a great example being where every account comes with a free Facebook store and you get charged 5%+25c for each sale, with no monthly fees. You can even offer free stuff, like tutorial videos, music, e-books and reviews which people can download. Use this to lure people in and send them to your website for more information or products. Facebook can also be used to keep your fans updated on latest news, giveaways and special offers.

Grow Your Website With Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to target a female audience, as well as showcase products. You have numerous categories to choose from and you can post high resolution pictures of your products, motivational posters and infographics. This is a great social network for online stores, manufacturers or artists, as they can easily showcase their work and have it seen by the world. You can even add product information on the images using rich pins.

Grow Your Website With Twitter

Twitter is a great way to keep people updated on your brand, with information on sales, upcoming events and industry news. You can provide commentary on current events as well or link to inspirational stories related to your niche and interact directly with the fans/clients. Organizing small contests, where you encourage people to share their ideas about a topic and then hand out prizes to the most creative ones is also a great way to attract some attention.

When it comes to running a website and depending on online traffic to increase brand recognition, you have to use every tool at your disposal. A well-designed website with a blog is a good idea, but you’ll have to spend some time on the popular social media platforms if you want to get some serious traffic. Be open to new ideas and make sure that you are constantly trying to reach out to new fans or clients.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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