Using Review Sites to Improve Your PPC Success

Pay per click marketing is an ever evolving machine, and you need to stay on top of the changes that are transforming the arena. Campaign trends seem to change almost weekly, and what got you most traffic and conversions last month may not be as effective in the coming months. In this psot we'll talk using review sites to achieve PPC success.

One area that businesses are currently not taking full advantage of is getting reviewed on popular review sites. Most people know that you can get traffic by allowing your users to leave genuine reviews on a well-known site. Good reviews from good sites will get you good visitors. But did you know there are now major advantages of these reviews in your PPC campaigns too?

Google seller rating system

If you are familiar with the Google seller rating system this really shouldn't come as a surprise. By having reviews and ratings on some of the more popular consumer review sites you can now have them linked to your advertising on Google. Some of these sites are very easily tied into AdWords and allow your products to be shown with their star rating.

The more great product reviews that you get on the popular sites the more chance you have of coming up as a five star item in a Google search. Research shows that the links that have a starred rating beside them get more clicks on average than other links. Consumers see these star ratings as a sign that the product is trust worthy and have a tenancy to go for these advertisements. They also click with more ‘power’, encouraged by the positive feeling they get from seeing the strong reviews. These visitors therefore tend to convert at higher ratios. Reviews are the PPC way of getting a third party recommendation.

Get your customers talking

So get your customers talking as much as possible and you will start seeing great benefit from it in your PPC campaigns. Don’t rely on customers finding their way to reviews all by themselves. You should point satisfied customers towards links to review your products on well-known sites, such as Feefo,,, amazon and Yelp. This can get the process started very quickly. Research shows, as common sense suggests, that customers are more likely to leave a review for your product or service if you make the process really easy. So start adding links on all of your product and service pages and get your happy customers talking and increasing your online traffic.

You can of course also incentivize reviews. You could email your customer lists, post on social media, or even phone customers and offer entry to a prize draw if they complete a review. Alternatively, you could offer a discount coupon off their next order if they review your product. This gets you the review and pretty much guarantees that they will buy from you next time they are in the market for a product that you sell.

Don’t just ask your customers for reviews on dozens of sites. You need to research and find out which review sites work best for the niche in which your business operates, and direct your traffic to the appropriate ones. If your competitors are already getting reviews then find out where their reviews are coming from. It is time to start getting those stars super-charging your PPC product ads.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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