User Experience and Team Collaboration

Enterprise Connect 2017 is a conference that recently concluded on March 30th, with over 5,000 attendees, 60 sessions, 190 exhibitors and several leaders in the AV industry from Cisco, Microsoft and Google.

Emerging from the event is two major themes of team collaboration and user experience, both vitally important when it comes to the Audio Visual industry.

While also being being a major part of their philosophy, Viju take a look into how two market leaders are approaching these two points.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark was announced earlier this year and provides messaging, meeting and calling all in one seamless experience. Winning the annual Best of Enterprise Connect Award at the event, the Spark Board is at the top being deeply tied to team collaboration.

Cisco’s Jen Meggers, SVP & GM of the company’s Cloud Collaboration Technology Group stated “We’ve taken the best of meetings, the best of Jabber, the best of video, and we’ve integrated all of that together into one amazing experience” Showing that Cisco is focused on evolving the user experience and allowing team collaboration to flourish while using the Cisco Spark.

Both are extremely important when working in a business, without the user experience being fluid and natural, than simple tasks can get bogged down into confusion. Normal jobs of the business day are left unfinished due to the device that was supposed to help, hinders the operation.

Without team collaboration then the workplace becomes siloed with projects becoming much slower without your teams speaking to each other, collaborating across a myriad of devices and communications.

Jen Meggers also stated “Define experiences first, the outcomes for the user and the IT manager, then work back to the technology”

Microsoft Surface Hub

Also a leader in the AV industry, Microsoft attended the event after recently releasing their Teams solution, a great leap into team collaboration. Teams is a team chat app that’s naturally a part of Office 365, already used by a large percentage of the business world. Integrating with all of it’s other apps serving as a hub for documents, analysis, conversations and meetings. This only enhances the user experience that’s already a top priority for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Ron Markezich, corporate VP for Office 365 delivered a keynote speech at the event noting that “companies will spend an estimated $1.2 trillion on digital transformation initiatives this year and with Office 365, Skype for Business, and now Teams, Microsoft is working to deliver the solutions people need to get work done efficiently”

This is all delivered seamlessly together with Microsoft Surface Hub, allowing a business to deliver meetings, connecting a large number of people together with multiple devices with an already known and trusted user experience. A large number of businesses use Microsoft products and services such as Windows and Office 365. Surface Hub naturally collaborates with them, allowing your employees and clients to chat and share with little effort.

Enterprise Connect 2017, only strengthened the outlook for user experience and team collaboration. As both Microsoft and Cisco lead the way in bringing a greater experience for the user, the future can only get better as the industry evolves.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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