Use the Climate Change Hotspot to Transform Your Business


Climate change is an opportunity hotspot. It is so hot that you can nearly hear it sizzle.


That is no reference to what I think will be an exponential change in our climate. The effects will speed up. It will not be pretty and it will start changing our behaviours and attitudes.

It is already happening in the investment world. Non-sustainable investments are now getting a negative risk score. That is why the coal industry is collapsing. Soon other sectors will follow. Investment portfolios will adjust to the new risk profiles. That effect will also be exponential.

Tipping point

We have reached a tipping point. An 85 trillion dollar tipping point. Not sure what that does for a local SME or start-up in Ireland or the UK, but it does indicate an opportunity hotspot.

It also suggests a potential threat to every SME and start-up that will not embrace the sustainability principles. That will be driven by regulation, consumerism and large corporates applying and enforcing these principles across their value chains.

Business suicide

Non-compliance will mean business suicide. Yes, it is a burning platform and it is time for you to jump and embrace the opportunity.

Capture the opportunity

As an optimist, I think this is the time for small businesses to re-invent themselves and positively transform their business models. Now is the time for start-ups to capture the opportunity. Doing something meaningful at the same time.

Support from Sustainable Nation

Which why Sustainable Nation has created a number of programmes to help you to do just that. Starting with an idea competition that will help you road test your idea, develop it into a value proposition that sings, using a methodology so sharp it will make you bleed.

Anything goes

The idea can be anything, and it is not just for start-ups. If you are an SME that wants to test, spin in or spin out, this is for you. If you are a start-up with an idea in this space, this is for you. Any idea will do and they do not necessarily need to be technology based.

Access to a lot of funding

Climatelaunchpad, will not only help you with your business or business idea. It will also expose you to over € 100 million of investment funding, € 10 million in non-equity funding and grant support, exposure to a collective buying power of € 2 billion, including an opportunity to validate and road test your offering.

With access to over a 1000 other family members in the Climate Nation cluster to connect, learn and share knowledge as well.


Not only do you become part of the Sustainable Nation family, but you also become part of the Climate KIC family with access to 28 other European countries.


The icing on the cake is the opportunity to win a trip to Estonia and pitch against over 75 ideas from all over Europe. We are going to try to ensure that you win. Which will give you € 10,000 cash and access to the Climate-KIC accelerators (with a value of additional €150,000 in support)

Jump off the burning platform

If you are not in you can’t win. As a tool for transformation, capturing and exploring opportunities, validating your idea and as an opportunity to win.  And not only the competition.

PS You can apply for Climatelaunchpad here



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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
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