Use Barcodes to Benefit your Business

The first commercial barcode system was implemented in 1970 for the distribution and sale of groceries. Since then, barcodes have become a part of our daily lives, particularly when it comes to shopping. But it’s not only the supermarket where they can be used. In fact, if you don’t already use barcodes in some way for your business, chances are you could benefit from the technology in some way.

You only need to consider all the different places you might rely on a barcode in both your personal or working life to see how they can improve efficiency. Airports, security passes, medical prescriptions and more all benefit from barcode systems and make life much easier for both customers and companies.

But how can you use barcodes to benefit your own business? Of course, it can depend on what line of work you are in, but you might be surprised to know that barcode technology can have the following benefits:

Staff Monitoring

You can give your staff members the facility to ‘check in’ at various locations or sites. This not only acts as a security measure but also means you can track their whereabouts, monitor their work or productivity and save valuable human resources time that might otherwise be spent recording hours or completing time sheets.

Take Stock

Barcode technology can be used to monitor your stock levels and keep track of equipment, materials and parts. It’s been used in car manufacturing for years but it can also be applied to the smallest of businesses to help identify when new orders need to be placed and reduce waste. In addition, it can be used to give your customers accurate lead times on stock deliveries.

Lightening the Admin Load

Using bar codes can mean less paperwork. Not only does that save on printing resources, it also means you require fewer employees. Often, with the use of barcode technology, users report lower costs in printing, phone calls and less time spent emailing and dealing with queries.

Setting up a barcode system doesn’t have to cost the earth according to specialists Supplyline Auto ID ( The company supplies scanners, barcode labels and label printers as well as providing ongoing advice and support. Their customers have seen a significant return on their investment after implementing bar code systems.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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