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Peter Diamandis

I am part of Peter Diamandis https://www.a360.digital/. In his words, a community of abundance and exponentially-minded entrepreneurs.

Countdown to the singularity

It gives you access to a lot of very, very cool stuff, including an annual overview of where things are going. Exponentially. As a countdown to the singularity. Learned a few new words. Tokenising, Kodakcoins and recellularize. Reflecting the developments in cryptocurrencies (now at 1 trillion dollars and counting, 6.4 billion in ICOs expected) and healthcare.


Let start with 5G first. The ability to download a movie in a fraction of a second. For everyone on the planet. Through Oneweb and SpaceX, Within two years. Adding 4.2 billion people to our collective consciousness. Making information, content, learning and education available to all of us. Opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs in China, India and Africa. And once they have gone through the 6Ds as described in “Bold“, they will come back to Europe and the USA. To compete with you.


I write about climate change a lot. I was worried. Less so now. Solar has taken over. Now firmly cheaper than coal. Because of technologies such as SolarWindows, Tesla batteries and Perovskite solar cells. Costa Rica ran for 300 days on renewable energy. We will have an abundance of clean energy. With all the knock-on effects (free energy and everything electrified).


I aim to live forever. And we are getting there. Digital pills, genomics, CRISPR, stem cell therapy, brain implants, brain interfaces, and recellularizing of pig livers into human livers.


He covered transport. Self-driving cars and trucks. Air taxis. Hyperloops. Vertical rockets. Avatar X (price for haptic suits so you don’t have to travel. A bit like sleeving in Altered Carbon). Rocket travel (NY to Singapore in half an hour). Drones. For whatever purpose you can imagine. Imagine the application layers on top of that. Africa does not have to invest in roads. Drones will do it. All that tech will at least take care of our traffic jams. No need for parking garages anymore.

Robots and AI 

Robots. With empathy. Soft robots. With artificial muscles (like in Westworld). At the price of a fridge. With AI as part of it. You should read up on AlphaGo Zero. AI that is completely self-learning. No longer dependent on big data and computation but simple algorithms. AI developing new drugs. Computers that can print a picture of your face based on your DNA. Which soon can be sequenced at less than a Euro or Dollar.

Quantum computing

Combine that with quantum computing. Which will come into its own this year (2018). Quantum computing will change everything. Capable of solving problems a normal computer cannot handle. At speed. Volkswagen is using it to predict traffic jams 45 minutes in advance. Soon a quantum driven AI will become your assistant. Here is the kicker for marketing. Who do you think is going to buy the toothpaste. You or your AI? If I was in advertising……


And the final frontier. Space. Soon we will be mining asteroids. We will be on Mars by 2024.

What will next year look like?

I am a believer in exponential. That was the review in early 2018. I am not making anything of this up. To paraphrase Peter Diamandis;  imagine what the review will look like next year. We are truly on the second half of the chessboard. Science fiction is becoming science fact.

Science fiction is now science fact

If you want a taste, read “Change Agent” by Daniel Suarez or watch “Altered Carbon” on Netflix. We have seen nothing yet. Come to think of it; you should probably hire some science fiction writers to write your next strategy or innovation paper. That is what Lowe’s Home Improvement did.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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