Two Finance Options for Irish SME Businesses

I think it's important that all Irish SME business owners know about the full range of options open to them to finance the expansion of their business in 2014.

1.  Through your local enterprise board, (find yours here:  you can avail of between 5-25k from Micro Finance Ireland (  This money is available for start-up and existing businesses and the application process and available mentoring is improving in 2014..

2. - Irelands only 'Crowd Funding' website for SME's. Available 5-50k for businesses in existence at least 2 years.

As I was saying; Our business is Linked Finance is an Alternative to the banks for Small businesses in Ireland; we facilitate loans to small/medium sized businesses by a new method in Ireland, called 'Crowd Funding'. Watch the video on our website and also take a look at our 'Marketplace' for an idea on the other types of businesses we have helped. Through our platform, creditworthy companies/soletraders with a minimum of 2 years good trading accounts can raise between €5-50k for loans over 36 months to help their businesses. The lenders can be your current loyal customers and hundreds of our own Linked Finance small lenders. Think about it, 250 small lenders lending you 100 euro each is €25,000. But more importantly each of these lenders has a real interest in your business and will seek to support it any way they can. This provides the business with a fantastic marketing opportunity as well as a great alternative to bank loans.

Once you are approved on either of these platforms your business can access loans for:

  1. Working capital
  2. New equipment purchases
  3. Sales & Marketing drives
  4. New market expansions
  5. Hiring new staff

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Are you a small business looking for SME Funding and Support in Ireland? Click below for a complete list of supports.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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