Tweaking your Website Speed Security for Business Growth

When was the last time you landed on an ecommerce website only to notice that the page load speeds were unbearable?

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt that your payment information wasn’t safe after completing a transaction?

Hosting is the one of the primary players when it comes to protection and speed - and in turn, user experience. There are other elements too though. How easy is the buying process? How efficient is the decision making process? All these things matter when trying to succeed online.

If you’re still not convinced about the impact UX (user experience) can have on for your online store, keep reading to see which factors come into play.

Website Security Improves the Chance of People Wanting to Enter Personal Information

The first one is fairly obvious, but it must be said. If a user knows that your website isn’t secure, you can bet that they’ll turn around and go buy something from a competitor’s site. Since your hosting plays a huge role in protecting the information that gets passed around on your website, it’s crucial to ensure that your website host provides PCI compliance and vault level security. Feel free to call the host’s support team to get all the details, because just about every company will say they have secure servers, but it’s not always the case. What’s cool is that some ecommerce website building companies provide hosting for you, so you can call them up to ask about security and uptime.

Visitors are More Prone to Leave E-commerce Sites with Slow Page Loads


If you take a look at this WorldPay graph above, you’ll notice that online shoppers leave without paying for various reasons. Some reasons include unexpected costs, pricing, website crashes, processes taking too long, and more.

You have an opportunity to decrease file sizes, but in general, your host is the one to blame if a customer has to sit around for 30 seconds for a simple product image to load. You might want to consider a dedicated host instead of a shared one. There are plenty of advantages of a dedicated host, you can check them out here.

Speed has everything to do with user experience, especially considering the fact that your search engine rankings will go down if Google notices that people are leaving your site due to page speeds.

Good Hosting Allows for the Entire World to Access Fast Page Loads

If you opt for a host that utilizes a content delivery network, people all over the world gain access to fast page loads. A CDN taps into servers all over the world, meaning the content can be delivered to people throughout the world a little faster.

If your host doesn’t have a CDN, the visitor in Japan is forced to wait for your, say, Chicago server to deliver the content to him. The user experience diminishes and you lose business because of your hosting.

Cart Abandonment Can Decrease and Revenues Can Increase with Better Hosting

The whole point of selling online is to make money, right?

It’s proven that cart abandonment can drastically increase when you opt for an iffy host, so it’s only logical that your revenues will go down. Hosting doesn’t only have an effect on your user experience, but it has a direct effect on the immediate reaction your customers have towards your company. Your conversion rates are impacted very heavily on how fast your site loads so you should check out these tips on improving conversion rates.

Imagine your homepage loading slowly. That means every person who comes to your site automatically has a sour taste in their mouth.

You Have a Lower Chance of Site Crashes with Solid Hosting

As stated above, one of the main reasons people leave an ecommerce site without paying is because a site crashes.

A site crash poses a huge threat, because there’s a good chance anyone who has a full cart before that site crash is not going to come back to your site to refill their cart. Site crashes are major disappointments to customers, and it basically forces them to start over when the users were close to checking out. In addition, anyone who has just come to your site thinks that it doesn’t exist. Therefore, convincing the customers that your company doesn’t exist at all. If your ecommerce website is not self-hosted, then solid hosting can prevent site crashes. If you go with a quality hosting account, you can expect your site to go down less than .00001% of the time. If you don’t take any of this article seriously, this is the one point to pay attention to. Why? Because a crash during the holiday season or any busy time for that matter, could wreck your business for good.

Quality Hosting Companies Offer Tools Like Emails, SEO Support and Even Live Chat Modules

Once you take a look at some of the hosting companies out there, you’ll begin to notice that most of them offer more than the traditional hosting services. In fact, most of them provide branded email addresses for talking with your customers and sending out marketing emails. These are wonderful for boosting your brand recognition and improving the user experience. SEO support often comes along with your hosting account, or you may be able to pay for some assistance.

I’ve even seen some hosting accounts that offer marketing tools or support modules for chatting with customers or increasing the amount of security on your website. All of this assists with making your customers happy.

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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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