Training Camp: Fun Ideas for Getting Your Employees More Involved


When an employee is first hired, they must successfully complete a training period in order to effectively complete their job description. Most of us know that training employees can be a dull period for not only the employer, but for employees as well. A fun and interactive training period not only boosts morale, but also allows employers to be confident their new employees will be paying attention during the course. In this article we will explain several ways that you, as an employer, can get your employees more involved during the training process.

Group Training

Most of us have all been in a situation where we are the only person starting the job. This kind of situation can be very nerve-racking and intimidating for a new employee. Rather than hiring one new employee at a time, hire several if possible. This will ease the tension on new employees and take the pressure off of training. Also, when working in groups, employees will be able to talk about effective ways to perform their jobs or brainstorm ideas on how to resolve issues.

Hands-on Training

Given the type of job, chances are, there will be some type of classroom training included. While this is a necessary step in order to be sure the new employees will be able to pass certification exams, this type of training can be dull and will make it difficult for employers to hold the attention of new hires. While some classroom instruction may be required, try to focus training on real-world situations. Place trainees with a mentor out in the field that will be able to effectively train them with hands-on tactics while being sure to point out the specifics they would learn in a classroom setting.

Team Training

Team training is a great way to evaluate the different strengths and weaknesses of your trainees. With team training you can more easily notice which trainees possess qualities of leadership or problem solving when competing against other new hires. This is also a fun and interactive way to train without using the standard classroom and instruction based system.

Shadow a Manager

Since managers have all the knowledge of how to get the job done correctly, allow your new employees to shadow a manager. This is also a great idea to show new hires the job duties of a position they will potentially be working towards. This also allows the management team to closely evaluate the new employee while directly training them on their new job responsibilities.

While training is a requirement of just about any job, it is important to train new employees in a way that engaging and fun. You want to be sure they are excited to begin their new role with your company and there is nothing worse than a less than inspiring training to get things underway. Employees that have fun on the job will be the most effective in their given position. Keep in mind that training should be continuous as opposed to trying to cram everything in a few short weeks. Get involved with your company and watch the attitudes of your new and old employees change!

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