Trade Show Tips: 5 Ways to Exhibit Your Products

Before you go to your next convention, trade show or even farmers market to represent your business, consider how your company’s booth represents your product. After all, a good booth that looks interesting is more likely to gain attention and land potential customers. And well, those that are less than appealing are sure to leave their booth disappointed and curious as to why people aren’t interested in their product or service. To stay on the more successful end, here's my trade show tips: 5 ways to exhibit your products.

Free Samples

People have a tendency to gravitate towards free stuff. Whether they are just looking to fill their bags with as many free items as they can, or if they simply are interested in the product, that depends on the individual. However, offering free stuff at your trade show both can attract attention and bring people to you. If you really want to show off your product (which you should), than consider giving away samples of what you’re offering. But even free coffee or snacks will draw peoples interest towards your booth and, in turn, make it look like you are very busy, which will draw even more people throughout the day.

Interactive Technology

With the advancements in technology, it’s vital to implement some of it into your booth or stand. People don’t want to go to a booth that is boring or looks dull. Instead, they want to be excited and dedicate their time to booths that keep them entertained. Consider having interactive technology at your next trade show booth. Whether it’s a video game that people play to see what it is you offer, or simply music or a video that people must listen to or watch, people are more likely to stay for longer if something has their attention. And best yet, if you have some sort of video game or technological competition, give out prizes to those who win. This is a great way to give away samples and get your product out to people. These prizes can be great in making people feel special and remember your company.

QR Codes

QR codes are also considered technology, but they can be much more useful than video games or music. At your next trade show, have a QR code that your customers can scan with their mobile device. For customers, you can give away free prizes or send out deals that are available only if you scan the code. But for you and your business, you can access information from the user off their phone, allowing you to add them to your database of clients. QR codes are a quick and easy way to build your customer base and reward them for participating.

Printable Booklets

Printable booklets are a classic, yet just as important, method of advertising. Aside from all of the technology presented above, there is something about having beautifully designed and created booklets for people to look at and put in their hands. Furthermore, unlike some of the other things on this list, your customers can take home these booklets and go back to them whenever they are curious about your product. Booklet printing is an easy step to take in showcasing your products.

The Life Of The Trade Show

It seems quite obvious, but it still needs to be said that personable companies and booths are more likely to attract customers than those that are less friendly. It’s quite amazing how many companies will send representatives to trade shows, and then those individuals sit behind a desk and don’t approach people. If you want people to notice your stand and products, it’s vital to be friendly and talk to everyone that passes by. If you can show kindness and be personable to passerby’s, you will garner more attention to those that just sit back and wait for people to come to them.

Trade shows, conventions and farmers markets are all great ways to meet new clientele. But to set yourself apart from everyone else there and to continue to build your customer base, consider implementing the suggestions on this list when you exhibit your products.

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Monday, 23 September 2019
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