Top Reasons Why Search Engine Optimisation SEO Is a Must for Your Business


Most businesses know that they need search engine optimisation (SEO) to make their online presence more visible. However, most of them are not clear regarding the benefits that SEO offers beyond searchability and visibility. There are very good reasons why businesses, irrespective of size or industry should adopt SEO. Here are the top reasons why search engine optimisation SEO is a must for your business:

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SEO Promotes Organic Search That Is Usually the Prime Website Traffic Source

Organic search is critical to the online performance of the business as well as a critical facet in the overall sales funnel and ultimate sales conversions. According to Statcounter, Google had a mammoth 92.74% of the market share while its top two contenders Yahoo and Bing were restricted to a meager 2.32% and 2.17% respectively. All the other search engines had shares of less than 1% each. It is therefore critical for businesses to have a good ranking on Google if it hopes to do well in the online space.

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Builds Confidence and Credibility

If a business achieves a high rank on Google, it acts as a very strong indicator of its credibility. This is a very powerful motivation for business owners to implement SEO. High page ranks on Google are achieved through a combination of multiple factors; good, relevant and useful content, quality backlinks, positive user behavior, optimized content, and on-page elements as well as strong machine learning signals.

SEO attempts to achieve good page rankings that are a reflection that Google finds the website a good resource and this, in turn, adds volumes to the brand’s credibility and authority. High page rankings do not happen overnight because trust and credibility are also not achieved overnight.

A Better User Experience

Google’s search algorithm interprets user experience to be favourable or unfavourable by analyzing the behavior of the user while he is on the website. If the user finds information in a clear, concise, and intuitive manner, he tends to spend more time on the various pages and perhaps even makes a transaction.

A website that is structured badly or does not offer relevant content suffers from a high bounce rate as users quickly abandon it realizing that it will not serve their purpose. Good quality SEO focuses on delivering a high quality of user experience that is used by Google to boost its ranking.

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Increased Traffic and Conversions from Local SEO

In the early days of web marketing, it was thought that a web presence would be integral to addressing the requirements of a global audience. While that still remains true, small and medium businesses have also benefited a lot from local SEO, especially when searches are increasingly fired from mobile devices. With proper implementation of local SEO, people in the vicinity of your business can find businesses near to them easily and increase the chance of transacting with your business.


Top page rankings are always a moving target simply because not only does Google keep on tweaking its algorithm but also competitors are constantly adjusting their own SEO strategies. SEO, therefore, needs to be implemented on a continuous basis so that a business can consistently stay ahead of the competition. Hopefully these reasons and benefits have shown you that it is worthwhile!

Over to you now. How have you gone about implementing search engine optimisation SEO for your business? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Saturday, 16 November 2019
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