Top Marketing Trends That Can Reshape Small Businesses in 2016

It’s been a while since the New Year struck us and here we are wondering how we can make our business better. One efficient way to go about it is to look up what trends are ongoing and then leverage them to make profits in the current year and times to come.

When it comes to marketing your business, keeping an eye on the latest helps us to stay updated and take the necessary actions in advance. Since marketing is a sensitive matter for any organization, and planning beforehand is the most effective way to go about it, just predictions will not do you any good. Latest trends come in as opportunities for us to leverage upon and make notes about what is best suited to our business. The first quarter may be over but let’s be optimistic about it and think of it as a testing period for what will work best this year.

A recent report on the retail trends in 2016 paved way to looking into trends that can help the small businesses flourish. If you are preparing your marketing plan for the quarter to come, or the remaining year, you may want to alter it in accordance with the four marketing practices that are trending this year.

Mobile’s taking over

Wherever you go, mobile devices are everywhere. Even though it comes to many as a considerable fact that the mobile market may have saturated but it’s certainly not the case. It continues to expand and grow. There are various reports stating that most of the accounts are created and managed over mobile devices which mean that people spend a lot of time using these devices.

So what does this mean for your business? There are two things that you can do about. Firstly, make your website design mobile responsive, which means redesigning your website to adapt to the screen size of each mobile device. This includes the email marketing and all the sub-domains that you have. Secondly, create a mobile application for your online business. Most businesses have mobile apps to help serve their customers better with instant access and making transactions easy.

Content is still the king

Content was, is and will continue to be the king as you know it. For all the things that you do online requires content marketing to be an active part of it. Successful businesses use customer-centric approach when creating content and so win over new customers as a result. How do they do that? There’s just so much that they do in the background but here’s the most valuable information extracted out of those measures: they conduct a research on their customers based on demographics, preferences including language and the emotional stories that can move them.

To conclude, customers are more interested in tailored content that can meet their specific needs, interests and preferences. If you do that, your customers are sure to find out that you care about them hence building a positive relationship with them. They love it when something is directed to them as a person, this call for personalized email marketing too. The takeaways from here are benchmark, personalization and customization.

Online Shopping is skyrocketing

We have been experiencing the shift towards online shopping for quite some time now. If you own a business for online shopping then this must have come as good news for you that you’re still in business. Comparatively, they are easier to set up which is why more and more online shops are set to come our way this year.

What can you do to make the user experience better? Updating ecommerce web platforms can help you to stay on top. Add new features, get an app to support the website on mobile devices and capitalize on this opportunity as much as you can. If you do not own an online store and this has enticed you, then here’s how you can get started.

Videos are worth a thousand words

Videos have long made home in our hearts. With the advent of mobile versions of just about everything, the usage of videos is further climbing the stairs and hasn’t died away with time. In fact, from a marketing point, videos are now acting as quite a powerful tool. Take example of social media networks and how they play on videos. Another benefit that is reaped out of the similar act of video posts is the rise in interaction between the business and customers when they post their comments and ask questions on the video.

With video becoming a viable marketing tool, this year is already showing signs of a new phenomenon to take over in. Large search engines are testing, reportedly, video ad search results to see how they well they do it. It’s just a matter of time that indexing of video ads will be put in place so you better gear up and be prepared for the moment to come. This will help you advance in competition rather than being stuck with mere promotional text to do the talking.

All these trends have been showing signs, or at least have a pattern, that you must have noticed already. Remember, it’s the online customer behavior that has led them here. This means that customers will continue to be major change agents in times to come. This is why digital marketing is constantly growing so that businesses keep heading in the right direction. If you start preparing before the new wave hits, you are sure to bank away consumer interest, as well as loyalty, to your products/services.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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