Top Five Sentences that Make a Twitter Account Manager Squirm

As you might know, I manage Twitter accounts for business owners who don’t have time to spend on Twitter. The reason I have a business in the first place is that companies are finally starting to recognise the importance of Social media in their marketing strategy. It’s not all about Facebook now, there are several platforms out there that really work. But my favorite is Twitter of course! Let's take a look at some things that make a Twitter account manager squirm!

The demographic on Twitter is mostly urban (probably due to the lack of proper wi fi in some parts of the country still) but also professional and aged 35 – 55 (The highest growing demographic on Twitter is the over 55’s, probably due the the large amount of grandchildren who are skyping from wherever their parents have emigrated to, and the fact that we all bought our parents ipads and iphones last Xmas)!

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Unfortunately there are still the minority of business owners who could do really well on Twitter, yet they aren’t utilising this amazing platform for their business. Some don’t even have a Twitter account at all! So I’ve decided to share with you the top five comments I get regularly whenever I ask business owners are they on Twitter……here we go:

1. ‘I don’t do Twitter’ – This one has to be the top most annoying comment I get. Why? Usually it is because the person doesn’t understand it or doesn’t want to.

2. ‘Sure I’m on Facebook, have x amount of likes isn’t that grand sure’ – When I ask are they getting sales from it, they say well I think so.  Facebook is great for brand awareness but with all the new rules it’s difficult to get the reach you used to.  Are your target market there? Facebook is for family and friends and Twitter is for friends you haven’t met yet. Also there are so many journalists and celebrities or leaders on Twitter that it is now easier to connect with them. I know lots of SMEs who have got business from celebrities and then they have tweeted their products and comments out to their own followers, which is a huge boost for a small business owner or start up.

3.  ‘Yes I have my Facebook page connected up to my Twitter’. This is my pet hate.  I never ever click on a link from Facebook.  Fact. If I want to go to Facebook I would be on Facebook already.


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4. ‘I tried Twitter once, but it didn’t work for me’ – I look at the Twitter account they have set up and I see that they have only tweeted a few times, and it was all ads or all about ‘me me me’ no interaction, no retweets of others or anything. Twitter users are among the most helpful I find. If you interact and engage with them, they will happily help you out with a Retweet and spread the word for you.

5.  ‘Ah I haven’t time’ – Well don’t worry, help is at hand! There are many like me who will happily manage your Twitter account for you! I have a whole team who are like me, love Twitter and are fantastic at tweeting, interacting and engaging with your audience.  We know who the active Twitter users are, what time they are online, and how to target the people you want to. We know what your customers want and how to deal with them. So give us a call or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let’s get your Twitter account working for your business! Twitter works. #Irishbizparty is proof of that!

If you would rather learn how to use it effectively instead, come to one of my workshops. My next Twitter workshop is in Galway. Book here

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And get out there and hear all of the amazing stories from other small business owners. Get tips and find out exactly how Twitter has worked for them! Come to the #irishbizparty Conference on April 15th.  There will be speakers to inspire you and share their stories of success and it’s really affordable too at just 40 euros for the whole day! You can book your tickets here 

Don’t be afraid of Twitter, it has changed my whole life and connected me with people I never thought I would connect with. So get Tweeting….see you there!!



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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