Top 5 Reasons for SMEs to Outsource IT Services

Whether you are a new business or well established you need the right IT applications, services and support to allow your business to grow. IT underpins the success of every business. It automates business processes to streamline operations, it delivers accurate reports so you can make sound business decisions, it makes your staff more efficient and it allows you serve your customers better.  But it is constantly changing and evolving. Problems can crop up, viruses can attack and systems can fall over!

In House, Out House, Dog House – What’s the Answer??

Outsourcing IT is a hotly contested topic. Often companies are reluctant to hand such a key business function over to a third party.  But there are lots of benefits in doing so and the success of any outsourcing arrangement is finding the right partner. At Novi we tailor our services to meet what each client needs at that point in time. So here’s our top 5 reasons why outsourcing IT makes life easier for businesses like yours.

It’s All About The Money!

Obviously COST is first! At first it may look expensive to outsource your IT requirements but if you compare those costs to staffing the function and ongoing costs of new solutions, training, upgrades, support and maintenance you are right up there! IT is a specialist function it may need 2 or more skilled individuals to run and maintain all the systems you have and to ensure adequate security and they like to be well paid. Outsourcing can save companies lots on their staffing bill and you only pay for the services you need which can be added to or reduced over time.

Share The Knowledge

IT moves at alarming rates. What’s current today could be gone tomorrow! If your business needs change you could need to adapt current solutions or require a completely new one. With IT Outsourcing you have access to a dedicated team of geeks! Who love IT and are highly qualified and used to working with lots of industries and solving lots of problems.

Staying Current

As mentioned IT moves at a rate of knots! You will need to keep inhouse staff trained in the latest and greatest and that takes up resource time and costs! What do you do the days they are in training if your system fails? IT outsourcing means you and your business are kept up to date with the latest in the tech world and can take advantage of all the benefits that brings.

Safe and Secure

With developments in cyber-attacks and incidences of hacking becoming a daily read it is more and more important to keep your data and more importantly your customer’s data safe and secure and backed up. IT outsourcing companies are security experts and it’s written in stone that your data is safe from harm.

Your IT Partner – Regulations, 24/7 Support and Lots of Expertise

Outsourcing IT is a partnership. A good relationship with an IT provider takes away all the headaches around support and maintenance and keeping up with ever changing IT regulations. There is risk everywhere in business but your IT provider can absorb some of this risk and allow you to focus on running your business making you more effective and your business more agile and dynamic.

Contact us today at to learn more about how we can work with you to assess your IT needs and recommend the best solutions for your business.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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