Top 5 Green Jobs: “Grow Up” and Finally Get a Green Job That Utilizes Your Skills and Your Green Passion

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” It’s the age-old question that you don’t necessarily stop

asking just because you’ve already “grown up.” As long as you have at least a few more years left in

the workforce, the right job could still be waiting on you. Whether you are starting out on the road to

building your retirement or you are trying to top off your retirement pot, it’s never too late to pursue

the job that can help you to reach your financial goal. The secret to claiming that job is choosing a

position that meshes your industry-specific skills with your passion for being green—two things that will

help you to claim a job in one of the nation’s most promising fields.

Here are five job fields that have recently seen an increased demand for green skills:


#5: Chemicals

If you’re interested in working with chemicals, then maybe becoming a chemical engineer is in your

future. Obtaining a chemical engineering four-year bachelor’s degree will open the door for you to solve

problems that are related to food, pharmaceuticals and fuels. For instance, you can develop new ways

to dispose of hazardous chemicals or create chemicals that break down more quickly. In this green job,

your goal is to make life safer for people by developing new equipment or processes, and in the process,

you can end up making life healthier for Mother Earth and for generations to come.


#4: Staffing/Recruiting

You like the idea of selling a job or a company to people, and you enjoy working behind the scenes at

a workplace as far as the employee hiring process is concerned. Staffing and recruiting may very well

be up your alley, and if you can employ green methods for recruiting new workers, you will be highly

prized in this field. For instance, by relying on video interviews rather than flying in potential workers for

interviews, you can help a company to reduce its carbon footprint.


#3: Marketing/Advertising

If you enjoy promoting a product or a service and consider yourself to be a creative soul, then go

green in a marketing job. When promoting events, encourage online registration, and only use e-mail

announcements. In addition, focus on green advertising sources, such as the Internet, television and

radio. A bachelor’s degree is valuable in this green job field.


#2: Financial Services

You’re a math aficionado, and you want to apply that number-crunching passion to a potentially

lucrative field. Then, consider becoming a financial advisor who focuses on helping clients to take

advantage of “socially responsible investing,” where they increase the “greens” in their wallets while

supporting the companies that conduct green business. A bachelor’s degree in finance will certainly get

you there.


#1: Legal Services

The field that has seen the greatest demand for green skills is legal services. Perhaps you could join

a legal team that increasingly focuses on providing consultations online, thus reducing the carbon

emissions generated in traditional law office settings. A two-year associate degree or bachelor’s degree

can pave the way to a green job as a paralegal/legal assistant if you aren’t necessarily interested in going



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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