Top 3 Reasons Your SEO Company Isn't Making Progress For Your Business

SEO is useful for any business, but it requires methodical attention to detail and professional expertise. Many business owners assume any company with the title "SEO" in it is going to provide sufficient results, but that's a mistake waiting to happen.

SEO companies vary in quality, and it is important to understand why a particular option might not be working for the business and its direction. Those who pay attention to this have a better chance of coming out on top than those who don't and assume everything will be okay. Here are three reasons why a business might be getting dragged down due to its SEO company.

1) No Emphasis On Building Brand Awareness

Is the brand being emphasized by the SEO company or are they going through the motions by finding keywords and pushing loads of content? Remember, users need more than just a boatload of content to become interested. They want to trust and rely on a brand, and that is where a well-rounded SEO campaign can do wonders. It can help prop up a new business's goals, objectives, and values that people can start to relate to and connect with on an emotional level.

A great SEO company is going to sit down with their client to make sure brand awareness remains top of mind throughout the campaign. Ignoring brand awareness is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make as a business owner. Never continue to work with an SEO agency that is unwilling to focus on these intricacies. Brand awareness is a must in this day and age. It will help produce long-term results and sustainability of the business regardless of where the site is ranking.

2) Leads Aren't Targeted

The leads being generated aren't targeted, which is why the business isn't making progress. It is one thing to pull great numbers, but the business still has to factor in their bottom line. SEO companies that choose the wrong keywords to rank will be wasting time and resources because the expectations aren’t going to be met when the visitor arrives at the business's website - this is where a well-studied SEO company is leaps and bounds ahead, as they constantly experiment to determine what safely works and what does not in ranking. They won't go after the wrong keywords that will never open up their desired audience or buyers.

It is essential to work with an experienced SEO company that will do its homework before the start of a campaign in order for the business to thrive in an ever-changing digital atmosphere. Until this happens, the business is going to remain a step behind the rest of its competition, losing customers that otherwise could have been theirs. It is critical that the search engine optimization firm lays out the plan and expectations before the start of an SEO project.

3) Poor Development of On-Site SEO

Google is very particular about who they rank in this day and age. They scour through each page, image, and link to make sure everything is in order. This investigation is due diligence on their part to ensure the results are proper and efficient for their users.

However, one of the key components they consider in ranking is a site's quality. How well does it run when a user clicks to the site? Does it have a wide variety of content? Are the users engaged, or do they leave in seconds? All of this information is tracked and used to weigh whether the site should rank or not. Stay focused and make sure the SEO company is looking at the website’s performance.

An incompetent SEO company isn't going to pay attention to the heartbeat of your website - they overlook the vital necessities it takes to achieve rankings without any wasted time and money. They may be using age-old techniques that simply don't work any longer. It is important to steer clear of these companies as they will push the business in the opposite direction when it comes to ranking on Google.


These are the top reasons for why an SEO company might not be helping the business progress as it should be. Careful considerations must be noted both before and after hiring an SEO firm. Business owners must remain aware and pay attention to how strongly the SEO company is advancing their business. Periodic or even daily reports can be useful in providing tangible evidence of how well things are moving and what numbers are being done by the business on a day-to-day basis. Garrett Suzak, an SEO expert, can help you identify and pinpoint opportunities your SEO company may be leaving off the table in this regard.

Increasing revenue, driving brand awareness and recognition, and widening your business's boundaries are all reasons you hired an SEO company in the first place, right? Don't let an SEO agency burn up your marketing budget or worse yet, destroy the existing foundation your business is built upon. Expect the SEO firm to earn your trust and confidence in their abilities and claims by giving you consistent, proactive signs of true, good-hearted effort and results.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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