Tools Every New Business Needs When Starting Out

New businesses will have an easier time starting out when using the right tools. Although there are many specific tools for individual industries, some are important for any business in the market today. These tools can automate tasks, extract data, and even become a nexus for future development. Every new business needs a few critical tools when starting out.

Microsoft Office

The most basic tool that every startup should have is Microsoft Office. The suite is available as a cloud-based service, or as an installable package. Office is important because it integrates with a massive range of other programs. This includes collaborative frameworks allowing for rapid development and deployment of custom applications within the business. Office also makes interacting with many different file and data formats very simple.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool that allows businesses to see detailed statistics about websites online. The tool is one of the most effective ways to see where customers are coming from, and what is driving them to the site. It is relatively simple to use, and includes a range of options for viewing data. Google Analytics is an important tool for developing effective marketing plans.


Startups need access to a large amount of real-time data fast when making decisions. Domo aggregates and displays data through a compact dashboard in the same way the infographic titled Anatomy of a Top Performing CEO compresses a large amount of information into a small space. Domo can collect information from many different sources and integrate the data into a single display. This application can tie together all the data within a new business.


KISSmetrics complements other software by tracking individual customers across a range of situations online. The software tracks customer behaviors over time so it becomes possible to see how actions evolve and drive decisions. It also provides customer histories that make segmentation easier.


New businesses will need to create content at some point, even if a professional firm is designing a website. WordPress is a popular tool and is supported by many other programs. It allows new businesses to generate and update online content. It can also be used to create new designs, or to load templates that change the look of a website. It is an effective tool for managing website content.

It is important to look for tools that will continue to be useful and functional far into the future of your company. Tools that perform critical tasks like data aggregation or customer analytics will always be needed. Selecting the right tools can move a new business much closer to success.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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