Too scared to promote your business with Video?

What is the best, yet most scary promotional and marketing media for small business owners?

That many mistakenly shy away from, Yet the brave few who embrace it, swear by it!

The answer is video.

For the first thoughts of many business owners are:

  • "Video is too expensive!"
  • "I don't want to shell out on fancy hi tech equipment!"
  • "A Steven Spielberg,  film, isn't in the budget for this year!"
  • "I don't have time to learn how to make videos!"
Each of those answers is perfectly valid, and to a certain extent true.
But and this is a key point, those statements are not true or valid enough to close your eyes and mind to video and limit the potential for increased sales effectiveness and profitability that using video tools as part of your  marketing or operational strategies, could provide.
Let’s start out dealing with the fancy hi tech equipment issue, If you have a webcam, check the I've got all the fancy hi tech stuff, I need box!

Now let’s deal with Steven Spielberg, if you know the message you want to communicate, and can say it, or have someone who can. Check the, I've got a movie script box!

What about the, I don't have time to make videos issue!  Time is a big one, business owners are busy. Do you have time to write an email to your clients?   If, the answer is yes, tick a box that says yes, I do have time after all.

Cost, I saved the money till last because it is; in this case, really not an issue... Some people reading this may, even be shocked!

Right lets deal with "How can video help me?"  Technology move's in leaps and bounds, an established business tool is email, from standard email to email auto-responders, now there are video email auto responders.

Would video email help my business?

Fact, there are literally hundreds of case studies that show that the use of video in your emailing campaigns drastically increases both you CTR (click through rate) as well as your average open rate. For example, a popular cruise line, P & O Cruises, says that a video email campaign boosted their sales by a whopping 679%! (


Now that, video email auto responders are available, and are proven to be effective. I can easily prove how affordable the technology is.  How easy it is to use, is the more important question.

In the time it takes you to type a message you could speak it in to your webcam, and a click or two later your done.  Keep that thought in mind and understand it really is that simple now!

You could record and send a message in a custom or ready-made template, with a few mouse clicks.

You could send:

  • A personal message from you, to a specific prospect/client.
  • A message from you, to potential clients going through your online prospecting process.
  • Broadcast message to your client and prospect list containing, product updates, or seasonal greetings etc.
Your imagination is the limit. Video beats the written word, hands down as a method of communication.

Now this post for small business can, is about pointing out a technology that is useful and affordable, and not as inaccessible as some readers may have thought.

Another video tool, that is an online business power house, is Online Video Conferencing. The ability to talk to, one two or a 100 people, all in different locations and countries at the same time, is staggering.

Access to video conferencing is a game changer for many companies.  Imagine private or public meetings as many times as was needed a day week or month, with clients in Hong Kong?  China?  London or  Berlin  it really makes no difference to the software.

Yet think for a moment what it means to a start up's budget!

I have to force myself to stop writing, I've much more to share.  My end point to this article is, embrace the power of video in your business, it is not...  The difficult or complicated beast it used to be.  The rewards can make, whatever small learning curve might be needed, well worth your time.

Technology can and does make business easier in today’s fast paced world.  Key words for me are easy to use and affordable.  That is what I’m aiming to share in these articles.  Video Email in particular is an emerging tech that I think has incredible uses for better customer acquisition and retention.  As time goes on an overall video strategies, for business is the aim of my articles for Small business can.




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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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