TodayFM Podcast; First Impressions; Making Your Business Look Bigger

Making your business look bigger is an issue for solopreneurs and start ups. Tony Clarke has been a long standing friend of He is a Business Women Can ambassador and he is now a radio star has well. He was on TodayFM and in this podcast he talks about how to make your company look bigger. And he blogs. A few weeks ago he blogged about the importance of first impressions:

"‘First impressions are everything’, yes that old adage. We hear it all the time whether it’s for job interviews, first dates or meeting the mother-in-law. It’s those first couple of minutes or in many cases first couple of seconds that will determine people’s perception of us – good, bad or indifferent! So why am I writing about first impressions today…

Well I thought it best to shine some light on an often forgotten area where it’s imperative to make a good first impression – in business!

Whether you’re a B2B or a traditional B2C business the initial impression that clients/customers form of your business can determine whether they go on to do business with you and become a regular customer. There are many factors that are crucial in this process such as your telephone/face-to-face manner, your body language and your knowledge/expertise. However an overlooked area in the impression forming process is your brand image. Does your business give an impression of a large, reliable, professional company or does it come across as unprofessional and small-time? It’s this very distinction that can differentiate one business from another in the minds of customers/clients and in highly competitive industries it can serve as the difference between success and failure."

When prospective buyers look at your company and assess whether they want to do business:

  • Address matters
  • E-mail addresses matters
  • Phone numbers matter
  • Phone answering matters
  • Website contact details matter
You can listen to Tony's tips here or read his blog here



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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