Tips to Make Your Lead Capture Strategy More Efficient

Fortunately, search engine marketing allows us to develop PPC campaigns that not only capture leads but helps us keep their interest by producing easy-to-complete lead generation forms on lead-capturing landing pages.

Don’t Include Links on the Landing Page Once your potential lead lands on your landing page, you want to make sure he stays where he’s at and he answers your CTA, or call to action. So, don’t add any links to your landing page, lest he leave and not return again. After all, the purpose of the landing page is to entice your visitor to make the decision to sign up for your offering. Don’t divert his interest by including a link to your website or your opportunity for further interaction may fall by the wayside.

Explain to the Relevancy of Your Product or Service The best way to capture leads is to produce the kind of copy that makes a site visitor want to visit your landing page. Compelling copy is the kind of content that is credible and shows the customer the major benefits of a product or service. Therefore, you not only want to add the advantages of choosing your product or service, you want to explain to the customer why it is personally relevant to him.

Understand Your Target Market Before you embark on a lead-capturing program, you need to understand your market. Target customers come in the form of existing customers, leads from CRM or e-mail listings and prospects.

Enhance Your Lead Capturing Program – Offer a Reward Once you have your market defined, you can begin thinking of ways to enhance your lead capturing program. One method that has proven to be effective is by creating a reward in exchange for the contact details included on a lead capturing form.

Some Suggested Freebies Everyone likes to receive a freebie. An easy way to reward a lead for giving up his e-mail address then is by giving him a free e-course, whitepaper, report or e-book in return. You may also provide a podcast or free newsletter for his information and time. Some search engine marketers provide webinars, consultations or slide presentations of  heir product or service offerings at no cost as well.

A Free E-book If you are trying to obtain information from a prospect, you may want to user a “softer” promotional approach. An e-book is a good reward for someone who is willing to be added to your opt-in list.

What to Send Your Prospects A prospect is a lead who has already reviewed some of your marketing materials, and is also someone who you really want to turn into a customer. So, send him content with a CTA (call to action) and links to pages that will enable him to register for product or service demos.

What to Provide Customers – Maintain their Interest to Capture Future Leads Already established customers can either be inactive or active. Keep active customers satisfied with free instructional materials and re-engage the interest of your inactive customer base with the utilization of updates on your products or services. Entice them with special offers. Make use of e-tutorials and newsletters when communicating with your customer base or any potential leads.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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