Tips on Running a Successful Business

Many stuck in the daily grind may think about starting up their own business – it’s not just the thought of being your own boss that’s so appealing, but being able to work from home and manage your own affairs. Starting up a business from home is often a choice for stay at home parents, or those who have to put up with a long commute to work every day.

Setting up a business isn’t too difficult to do – if you set up a website first, you can test the water and find out if your product has the potential for success. That’s what Jean Rasbridge of Ecigarette Direct did: in fact, her business started out from her kitchen.

Here are some tips on running a successful business which Rasbridge is keen to share are well worth taking note of if you’re thinking of starting up your own business.

Tip 1: Focus on customer service

It’s never nice having to deal with an unhappy customer, but you should always work towards finding a solution to the problem. Customer satisfaction is key, especially in the early stages of a business, so by going the extra mile to rectify any issues, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run by retaining valuable customers.

When you’ve made a mistake, prepare to offer refunds or a replacement. Be vigilant about building up your repertoire of happy customers, and secure future sales and commitment to your brand in this manner.

Tip 2: Budget, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your services

Because you’ve usually got a few months to wait until you initial investments into a business can be covered by profits, it’s all too easy to start being too frugal with your budget.

Cut costs in ways which don’t affect your service, and don’t compromise the quality of your products. You won’t get return customers if a product is cheap and tacky; and as aforementioned, customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Tip 3: Use the internet

If you’ve already decided to set up a physical shop from which to run a business, you can still do a lot with the internet. Just having a good social presence is often all you need to boost brand awareness – Rasbridge notes that the blog on sees thousands of shares for each post.

Social networking can be a powerful tool and gives customers a platform with which to express their opinion regarding your products and services. Respond by taking note of any criticism, and learning from them.

Tip 4: Stay focused

When you decide to run a business, choose something which you can be passionate about. Remember, building up a company from scratch takes a lot of determination and commitment – working hard will give you rewards in the long run.

You can learn more about setting up your own business here.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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