Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

With the global dominance of the internet, a huge number of businesses worldwide have some form of online presence.  As more and more businesses take to the web, it can prove a difficult challenge trying to find a memorable domain name that hasn't already been snapped up.  But, it's not an impossible feat.  Read on for some tips on choosing a good domain name.


If you're not sure where to start when it comes to picking a domain name, then try to jot down a list of words that you think relates to the type of business you operate.  Try to think of how these words could be used to create a unique but memorable domain name.  The domain name should give some clue as to what you offer. If you choose a more abstract domain name, you'll require a huge marketing and branding effort to get that name off the ground.

The domain suffix

As well as the actual domain name, you'll need to think about the domain suffix, which is the last part of the domain name.  The king of domain suffixes is .com, and if at all possible, you should try to look for a domain name with this suffix, as it has the highest credibility.  Unfortunately, you might also find it the hardest to find any available names.  If you're a local organisation and you only serve the people of your local community, then you may find it fits your needs better to go for a country specific suffix, eg, .uk for the UK or .au for Australia.  Avoid .net or .biz as they have less credibility.

Easy to spell

It goes without saying, that whatever domain name you choose, it should be easy to spell.  Avoid words that could be written in more than one way, or tough-spelling words, as you risk losing out to potential visitors to your site.  You may even wish to think twice about using words with difficult letters such as q, z, x, etc.

Short and snappy

Keep your domain name as short and snappy as possible.  Long names are off-putting and harder to type out.  Avoid adding hyphens or numbers to your domain name.  Don't abbreviate words unless they are well used and easily recognisable already in this format.

Avoid confusion

If you operate in a competitive market, try to pick a domain name that won't get you confused with your competitors.  For example, if there is only one letter or word different in the name from a competitor, you easily risk losing out if your customers accidentally type your name incorrectly.  Make your name stand out sufficiently from the rest.

Avoid copyright issues

It's important that with any names that you come up with, that you make sure they aren't infringing any copyright laws.  You can check online to make sure you aren't flouting any legal aspects.

Go for longevity

Pick a name that you think will stand the test of time, and won't fall out of fashion in a short space of time.  Avoid following trends when it comes to domain naming, as they won't have long-term value.  Stick to simple, clear, relevant and memorable if you want to achieve domain name success.

If you're unsure if your chosen name is good or not, you can always get professional help. Don't forget, choosing your domain name is only the beginning you'll have to decide on your hosting provider -should you want one -too. Make sure you choose a reputable company such as the award winning CWCS, and read as many testimonials as you can!



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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