Tips for Organizing Your Employees

A good business owner is one that shows initiative and has ground breaking ideas, but a great business owner knows how to organize his or her employees so that all of them can shine. It is not as easy as it sounds, and organizing your employees is so much more than simple task distribution. You need to be aware of potential strengths and weaknesses of your employees, you need to know who you can trust in the event of outsourcing your material and you need to have good orientation to make a sound judgement how long will it take for a certain project to be completed. Most importantly, you need to perceive your position of a business owner as a position of team leader not just act like a boss. In other words you need inspire and serve as a paragon not act as a taskmaster. Try incorporating the following advice for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of your employees.

Encourage your employees

First of all, you need to make sure your teammates share the thrills of success achieved by your company. They need to know that they are valuable contributors to your business world victories. Therefore, do not be hesitant to praise them every now and then if your company performs well financially. Furthermore, you can allow them to make some of the decisions to let them know you value their opinion and that you are confident that they are competent enough to be included in that process. Needless to say that you should allow this privilege to those who are already well informed and who have been working for you for a longer period of time. If your employees enjoy healthy competition, you can always organize employee of the month bonus to supply additional motivation for them.

Altrocentrism is a great way to go

To clarify this, allow me to explain the main idea behind altrocentrism. It basically means your workers build their own individual career profiles, they are still your workers but this way you are building a team of renowned individuals who become fully aware of their accomplishments and they have their own name attached to completed tasks. It is like building your own “Avengers” team, gathering the best of best, or, in this case, most well known in their field of work. Since they are improving their own profiles, they will feel more motivated because any success is directly attached to their name. Altrocentrism is an incredible way to show your staff that you deem them as team members of great importance.

Meticulously created tasks

If you have a good way to illustrate exactly what you require from your employees, you can rest assure that they will efficiently complete their duties. Do not hesitate to use visual project management when explaining something new and unknown to your workers. When making visual project management, use examples and incorporate them in a good context for the sake of clearly elaborating the tasks. To put it bluntly, if the task is created in a good manner, it will more likely bring the desirable outcome, and it is up to you, or your trusted project manager, to create a task and explain it properly.

Monitoring your employees

There will be times when your staff simply wants to slack off, such problem may arise if the job is too repetitive and becomes tedious, if the weather outside compels them to just stay in bed and sleep, or if the task itself is too big and progress is slow. During these times, you need to let them know you are monitoring them and that they shouldn’t give in to the prevailing mood at the office. Tell them that you will be expecting constant updates on how far they have gotten with the project etc. You do not need to babysit them or nag, just convey the message that slacking off is not an option. It is crucial that some of your workers show initiative in order to make those who are lazy in such moments more motivated due to the sheer force of peer pressure. Peer pressure is a powerful force, do not hesitate to use it for the good of the company.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019
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