Tips for How Write a Welcome Email to New Employees


As an employee, starting up at a new company might sound awesome. In reality, having to cope up with a new environment, new bosses and new workmates might be a nerve-wracking experience. You don’t know your way about and have less information on how things are run in that new company; most companies operate differently from each other. Here are my tips for how write a welcome email to new employees:

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As an employer, you don't want your new employee to feel tense on their first day and a welcome email can start their time off nicely with their new company. The employee will know that they feel appreciated as a new member of "the family". For many small companies, there also might not be an HR person to take the new employee through everything about the company. A simple, all-inclusive welcoming email will help the employee to get started with their new role.

Here are some tips on how you can write an awesome welcome email to your new employee.

Show your excitement

The first thing in the letter should show the excitement from their new boss on how they are pleased to have them on board. Be friendly and not intimidating. Let your reader see what kind of new experience they’re getting themselves into. Some employers like to add funny phrases to this part. Others can even attach memes, funny gifs etc. to make their employees at ease.

Introduce yourself and the company

Briefly explain to the new employee who you are and a little bit on how your company operates. Of course they have a bit of background from the interview and researching before agreeing to the job, but it's nice to set a bit of context or share the vision.

If you're not going to be there on their first day, tell them you look forward to meeting them in person.

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Be personal

In your entire email, try to connect with the new employee on a personal level. Obviously using their first name is a good start. Make the tone of your email such that they would be comfortable to reach out to you.

Start date, time and who to report to reminders

Even if they already know when and who they are to report to it's still handy to put this information in again.

First-day schedule

Tell your new employee what they should expect on their first day at work. Will they be taken through an orientation process all day or will they get down to work immediately? Doing so gets them prepared and ready for the day’s events.

Dress code

Tell them what the company’s dress code policy is so that they come appropriately dressed on the first day.

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What to bring on their first day

Ask them to bring with them documents that may be important for their employee registration and orientation process. It may be their ID cards, social security cards, insurance cards, letter of good conduct, paperwork etc. depending on what the company requires.

Arrival instructions

Advise the new employee on what to do when they arrive, for example, should they report at the reception or head straight to a particular office? It is also good to let them know parking arrangements at their new location.

Ask them if they need clarification on anything

The best way to cultivate a good working relationship with a new employee is to ask them if everything is in order and that if they have any concerns they can reach out to you.


Starting out at a new job can be very stressful for some new employees; lots of paperwork, colleagues to meet, and a new environment. As an employer, sending a good welcome email will definitely help relieve anxiousness of your new employee.The email is also a good tool to convey your company’s mission and also lay down some rules that need to be adhered to, as well as showing your company’s spirit.

Try to remember your first day in a company and think what welcome you would have liked to have received.

Over to you now. Any other tips for writing welcome emails for new employees? Do you send a welcome email to new staff? Tell us in the comments below.



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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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