Tips for Building a Perfect Landing Page for an eCommerce Store

Tips for Building a Perfect Landing Page for an eCommerce Store

The perfect landing page, is the dream of every business – as this page can either charm your user into journeying further or disinterest them to leave you. You will spend a good amount of resources on making it impressive and it can somehow have quite the opposite effect on users despite your best efforts and intelligent resources. Why do so many landing pages not excite the users? Because they may ignore some of the below mentioned essentials that differentiate between a good and an excellent landing page design.

Top Tips on Building a Perfect Landing Page for eCommerce


Easy to read copy, catchy headlines, informative content – these are the terms that rules a website page design. You know your company values better than anyone else and your copy should offer brand values in a crisp, concise manner . For example – A banner stating – Enriching Experiences with luxury destinations in India – clearly states the intent and the audience it wants to target.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

Call to Actions are supposed to excite the user to make a deal with your brand. This is the sale pitch that will seal the deal for you. The buttons should be bold, in colors that stand-out or text size that captures the eye instantly. For example, Know more and Buy Now are two CTAs to alert your users into knowing whether they will get information or it is time to seal the deal.

User Journey

Robert Frost may want to walk miles before he sleeps, but today’s users want to reach the final destination in as few a clicks as possible. You need to create journeys that give relevant information and allow users to purchase products and services in as simple a manner as possible. It is a good idea to take the help of a web design company to help you create the perfect user journey.


A picture may speak a thousand words, but you need to ensure that those words convey your brand value as thoroughly as possible. Don’t let trends dictate you, instead choose an image or a picture that will best resonate with your audience. For example, today’s millennials may love vibrant, moving pictures, but they are smart enough to know that their a smarthome system is not about colour but convenience and efficacy to get the work done.


Long content used through your website should be error-free. A comma can make all the difference to audience perceptions - the most common example used – Don’t Stop vs. Don’t, Stop. While the former means go on the latter means stop. It goes without saying you need perfectly crafted sentences and impeccable grammar to get the right meaning across to your users at every step.


Nothing in the world moves without being tested, not even a job application. So, why ignore the testing of the site that is going to garner business for you. A/B testing is an accepted industry norm and it gives a clear picture on CTAs that get the clicks and headlines that push up the bounce rate. Change, test, change and test again, it is a cycle that should be repeated until you achieve optimal results. Take the help of a website redesign services provider to get your website working for you.

You could be an enterprise with thousands of employees or you could be a start-up with a dozen, it is advisable to reach out to a web design agency in India to help you with the creation of the best website possible. They have the experience and the expertise to take your idea, spend time with you to understand your brand values and convert your landing page into a viable entity that keeps users engaged and your profits growing.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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