Tips for Boosting Productivity With Good Office Design

It’s not about where you work but what you do, they’ll say. Well, they’re wrong. Productivity stems from many factors, one of which is definitely the space we work in. It doesn’t have to be a villa or a luxurious office, but it needs to have that something that helps people get in touch with their inner creativity and will to work. This is what should help:

Get rid of clutter

It may seem trivial, but getting rid of things you don’t need will increase productivity in your workplace. Take Chinese for instance – almost all of their philosophy is based on getting rid of clutter in order to enhance the flow of good energy around you. A clutter free desk will do wonders for your employees’ creativity! It’s a tricky thing, though – you can’t really enforce this policy but you can encourage everyone to go in the direction of neat and organized.

Think of ergonomics

If we are to be honest – this is plain common sense. How do you expect workers to be productive if their chairs aren’t comfortable enough and they get back sores from improperly adjusted computers? So, be a good employer and set some time aside to adjust all that needs adjusting. Hire professional help if you must. Maybe getting some new furniture could be good. Just make sure your employees aren’t in physical pain while working!

Color Me Productive

Color is widely known to have a huge impact on human psyche. In fact, studies have shown that certain colors provoke certain emotions and needs/desires. According to one of recognized theories, yellow will inspire creativity; blue will stimulate the mind, while red will affect your body. Green will create a calming balance. Please check with an expert about choosing the best color (theories and studies vary). Also, when you decide on the color, remember that its intensity and saturation play the most important role. Some agree that more bright colors stimulate, while other believe they provoke anxiety. Muted colors on the other hand soothe.

Don’t turn your back to wallpapers or painting each (or every other) office differently. You may even let your employees choose colors for their offices as they best know what suites them best.

Turn to nature

If you can or can’t influence the coloring of the office then at least make sure every desk or every office corner gets a plant. Plants are known to bring life into offices and homes and studies have suggested they increase cognitive attention while increasing productivity. Obviously they too filter the air to remove mold and bacteria, which means keeping your employees healthy, happy and productive!

Let the sunshine in

Natural light is a true blessing for people’s energy and creativity boost, for their productivity increase and overall happiness. So, open those shutters and let sunshine in. You don’t need to have those lights turned on since 6 am, do you? For maximum light intake, have all windows cleaned regularly and make sure as many desks as possible are within view of a window. In case natural light isn’t an option then opt for indirect light, the one that bounces off walls or ceilings. It's more calming and soothing than light that shines directly on employees.

Further, if there is a possibility – keep windows slightly open for the fresh air to circulate the offices. Inhaling fresh air has proven to give positive reactions in terms of generally feeling more energized! In order to be a productive environment to work in, an office can’t be limited to just décor. Apart from its utility and conformity, it comes to culture too. Give your office a personal mark by turning it into a place you yourself enjoy spending time in – hang pictures, stash the office fridge, create a new office design and make space to move around. It’ll pay off!



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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