4 Simple Tips for a More Sustainable Office Environment


The initiative to reduce office waste can not only be more profitable for a business but can also help to make a happier working environment for your employees. Investing in eco-friendly options can make for a better, more vibrant working space that is both sustainable and profitable. Here are 4 simple tips for a more sustainable office environment:

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Room temperature

One of the most common complaints amongst office workers relates to room temperature. When considering office space, a key question should be how does the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system work? It’s also important to find out who controls the temperature – landlord or tenant?

Appointing a staff member to liaise with the management company on temperature issues will ensure that any staff complaints are reported promptly.

In addition, investing in eco-friendly air-con products such as saver fans can also help to control temperature more effectively and reduce costs.

Office lighting

Another important aspect of office design is lighting which is usually much easier to address than temperature. Ideally, every employee should have access to some natural light or at least a communal area that has natural lighting.

Instead of restricting your office to fluorescent lighting, it’s better to research and adapt different lighting options for each employee/department. Also look at greener lighting options to reduce energy use.

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Energy saving

Some people will purposely leave or forget to turn their computer off when they finish work. To save energy you should make sure that computers are switched off before you leave.

Disabling screensaver settings and using the hibernation and sleep modes on your computer are also a great way to save energy. Remember, if you’re away from your desk you won’t see your screensaver anyway.

Going green in the office

Introducing plants into your office is something that every company should do. The health and psychological benefits as well as the cost savings can help revolutionise a tired and mundane office environment.

According to recent studies, the use of plants in the office has been reported to reduce absenteeism by up to 50% and reduce minor illness by 30%. Improving employee attendance within the business not only helps to maintain productivity, but will reduce the cost of absence year on year.

By introducing just one plant per workspace, you can help to lift staff spirits and to promote wellbeing and performance.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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