Three New Selling Skills for Success

Over the last decade or so, the face of sales has changed to an almost unrecognizable degree, and if you’ve spent any time on the internet reading up on these changes, you’ll know how big of a shock that has been to the system.

Three New Selling Skills for Success

While processes and procedures are nowadays altered and updated all the time, sales techniques stayed pretty much rooted to the spot before the turn of the millennium, and thus the change has been a difficult one for many to adopt, leaving businesses trailing behind, unable to overcome this paradigm shift.

Fortunately though, all is not lost just yet. Here are three selling skills every salesperson should utilize in every sales opportunity for success!

1. Connect

Connecting with your prospect has always been a core mechanic of ‘solution selling’, however it is this very technique that has changed so significantly. So the question you may well now be asking is, why are we still using one of its most important components? Chiefly, connecting was seen as the be all and end all of solution selling – it was a self-sufficient technique that, executed correctly, could be the finishing move that would pin down your perfect prospect and turn them into a loyal customer. Now though, connecting is just the beginning, still a vital cog in the machine, but one that needs to be augmented and added to for success.

With connect then, traditionally and contemporarily, you are understanding and identifying a need, and lassoing it to your solution via honest, genuine and personal conversation. You want to understand the ins and outs of your prospects situation so you can have effective and useful conversations about helping them achieve their goals.

2. Establish

Establishing your solution’s ability to deal with the needs of the customer then is the next step, and this needs to be carried out on a complex and deeply considered level – something that would be impossible without a good ‘Connect’ performance. Elements such as ROI need to feature heavily, and be detailed – companies promise results left right and centre, though savvy, modern day buyers rarely believe it. Your return on investment case needs to be watertight, minimising risk on the most mathematical, logical basis possible.

Differentiating yourself from competitors also falls into this category, and this comes down to building a perception of superior value and tying that to your company and solution. Studies show that ‘overall superior value’ is a high ranking factor in terms of influencing buyers.

3. Collaborate

This particular aspect was highlighted as one of the most effective and important parts of the sales process for the buyer, second only to ‘educating with new ideas and perspectives’. Really, this is an evolution of the connect phase, and what it requires is for you to listen and discuss and generate ideas that, again, bind your prospect’s need with your solution – as a salesperson, you need to create the opportunities, and that’s what collaborating is all about.

Looking at your prospect’s situation from an outside perspective and lending them your expertise is a significant benefit that adds value to you and your business and by extension your product.

Add these three core competencies into your selling strategy and you’ll find the modern day buyer isn’t too difficult to win over!

This article was written by Rob Vicars of Lammore, who can be found over at their website delivering more information on the latest modern selling skills your business needs for success! 



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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