Think Big When It Comes to Looking After Your Employees

A fair number of big multi-national companies have one thing in common. They all try to offer great perks for their staff, which is one the reasons why they stay at the top of the tree.

Your company may be considerably smaller and only have a fraction of the staff that the big companies employ but that does not stop you from thinking like a big company when it comes to looking after your employees.

Looking After Your Employees

For a company to succeed and grow, they ideally need a loyal and highly committed workforce and one of the best ways to keep people on board is of course to pay them a lot of money.

For many employees though, it is not just about the pay, and as a small employer you will often have to use a fair amount of discretion and constraint when it comes to salary levels anyway.

There are many other ways in which you can reward their loyalty and hard work and many staff enjoy benefits that are not just about money.

A look at big employers

Business Insider took a look at the best perks being offered by some top employers and there are plenty of innovative ideas that a smaller company could use or adapt to really stand out from the crowd and earn you the reputation of being a good employer to work for.

Sometimes the perks can be in some way related to the type of business that you run. The Campbell Soup company are in some way reinforcing their healthy food philosophy by offering staff free healthy cooking lessons and subsidising meals that are considered to be a healthy option.

You could send a message to your staff that you want to help them look after the general well being and health by offering similar incentives for healthy meal options and perhaps even offer a subsidised membership of a local gym to encourage staff to stay fit as well.

Team bonding

A free night out at the local bowling alley with a bit of healthy good-natured competition between departments is often very well received as a perk and does not cost that much to arrange.

Innovative companies like Google easily make it into most Best Company to Work For lists as their offices are equipped with their own bowling alleys and recreational areas where staff can partake in a bit of rest and relaxation away from the desk, which all encourages an all-in-it-together team spirit.

Whilst it may not be practical to install a bowling alley in most offices, the idea of getting everyone together for bonding sessions away from the daily routine, can only be a good idea when it comes to keeping your workforce happy and motivated.

Ongoing personal development

Most big companies have an ongoing personal development programme in place where they actively encourage their staff to develop and learn new skills that will not only benefit them but also allow them to make further progress within the company.

Investing a bit of time and money into helping your staff take part on training courses that could help them develop their skills will often be very well received and make the person feel that their commitment is being recognised and rewarded.

Staff retention is an important aspect of being to grow your business organically and if you adopt the mind-set of a much large organisation when it comes to perks and rewards, your company may well be able to grow in size too as a result of your pro-active approach to looking after your employees.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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