The Way to Approach E-Commerce Web Design in 2017

Attractive sites have the ability to establish an instant credibility for an online business. According to results available, 75 percent viewers judge how credible the business by linking it to web design. To gain the first trust of viewers web design plays a critical role in online marketing. It is imperative that you have to stay in tune with the latest trends in web design in the same way, as you stay updated with the latest technology. E-commerce is a fiercely competitive market and web design plays a critical role to make the business grow by creating the fondness of viewers about the website.

To stay ahead in the competition and even beat it, e-commerce sites have to embrace the latest web design trends. This provides them with the first advantage of penetrating deep into the minds of viewers that ultimately influences their purchase decisions. This means that web design is even making conversions happen, hence its importance keeps growing. Unless e-commerce websites keep pace with the latest designs, it will be tough for them to attract and engage viewers.

Web design is fast evolving, and you have to be on your toes to catch on the latest designs so that you can reap the benefits. The better you can anticipate what is going to rule the scene; better will you be prepared to implement it before many others make use of it. Read on to know about how to approach web design for e-commerce in 2017.

Design has to be original

The biggest challenge that you will face when you are inclined to catch up with the latest trends in e-commerce website design is that of maintaining originality in design. There is a tendency to replicate designs that are trending by making minor changes here and there in layout, color, and some other design elements. The signs are clear that there are mass adoption and not much of originality. To create marks of originality in web design, you have to incorporate custom elements with a blend of original animations to make it look like something that belongs to you exclusively. Give emphasis to visuals that leave a profound impact on viewers and choose high definition images to communicate more efficiently. Use more images than texts because it has more capabilities of influencing purchase decisions than written words.

 Faster page loading times

Web design has to meet the expectations of viewers who are not ready to wait too long web pages to open. The viewer's patience is too short, and no one is prepared to wait for more than a just a few seconds for a web page open in front of them. The problem is that the span of attention of viewers is diminishing. What seemed acceptable two years ago, in now a passé. For e-commerce websites, viewers are not ready to wait for more than 3 seconds for a page to load and will quit if it takes longer. This is to be considered in web design so that the design elements are displayed almost immediately as soon as it is clicked.   Faster loading websites improve search rankings and SEO performance.

Page scrolling features

Analysis of viewer behavior has revealed their fondness for scrolling over clicking. People are more comfortable to navigate web pages by scrolling rather than clicking. This trend is likely to continue, and web designers have to factor it into their overall plans for designing e- commerce websites. Scrolling web pages for navigating the entire site is not what viewers want, but they want the facility to invoke elements of their choice very speedily on any page.  Avoid the possibilities of jarring that happens from clicking by incorporating more scrolling items in the design.

Hand drawn elements

Web design has to create an individual signature for brands that make it readily recognizable to viewers. The clamor for special traits in design is growing as it helps to maintain originality in design. Follow this trend in this year too and turn to hand drew elements that add more creativity to designs. The emphasis of graphics and stock images flood web designs, and the trend is growing by the day. Proper use of hand drawn elements gives your website an individual identity that co-relates with the brand it represents.  Be selective in using images and graphics on logos, icons, and banners that spell creativity and bears a distinct mark of originality.

Semi Flat design is catching up

The days of flat design appears to be on the wane. As web design is evolving, the flat design structure is now making way for designs that are variants of the flat designs and named as semi-flat designs.  The new model uses transitions and shadows that create an additional dimension without departing from the basics. The appeal of flat designs significantly increases in the process that also increases the design efficiency when viewed from the usability perspective.

More bright colors

Most likely, we are going to see much more interesting websites in 2017 that promise to be a year of bright colors in web design. Web design is now ready to give emphasis to the preferred colors of the audience for which the research on audience choices will drive the selection of colors. Colors preferred by specific age groups of the public will find a place in web designs that will make it easy for the public to stay closely connected to websites. Be ready with your color palette to sprinkle it on your coveted designs.

In addition to above, there are going to be other design changes that will make 2017 different from the preceding years. Videos will be used more, and illustrations and stock photography will constitute the bigger parts of design elements that can create better engagement for viewers. Indeed, the emphasis on responsive design will continue, and there is going to be more storytelling and more use of parallax. Now that we are approaching the middle of the year, you must have already experienced some of these already.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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