The Tech Skills Prospective Employers Look for In New Candidates


Applying for a new job is overwhelming and terrifying, and those are also the reasons it’s so exciting. Change always comes with its fair share of fear. Nothing new and exciting can happen unless you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, and that’s why you need to learn to embrace technology. Chances are good if you’re a young millennial, that’s not a problem for you. If you’re a bit older, however, technology isn’t second nature. You didn’t grow up with it, it wasn’t something you needed to learn before you got your first job, and you’re still not sure how to work the Facebook. All jokes aside, employers are looking for very specific tech skills in new hires, and you want to update your tech knowledge with these skills.

A Desire to Learn

If there is one thing a prospective new employer wants to see a potential hire with at a job interview, it’s the desire to learn. You don’t need to be a genius who already knows everything when you apply for a job. You should be knowledgeable about the company and the way it works, and you should have knowledge of their information systems. However, you should also express a desire to learn more about the tech side of things within the company to make your own job easier and to better benefit the employer. Know-it-alls need not apply.

Eloquent Email Abilities

You thought you simply needed to know how to recognize tech abbreviations and turn on your computer, but it turns out you need to have the ability to send a professional and eloquent email. Most employers require their employees send emails to customers and clients as well as internally, and no one is hiring anyone who can’t tell the difference between an email and a text message.

If you don’t think your prospective employer is reading your job application online and any emails you send to see if you bothered to proofread, if you have basic grammar skills, and you sound professional, you’re mistaken. It might not be a big tech skill, but it’s one you could lose a job over.

Processing and Database Knowledge

If you want to impress a prospective employer, ask them if they are still using a central processing unit or if they’ve upgraded to a graphics processing unit, and know what you’re talking about before you ask. One of the best tech skills you can have is in-depth knowledge of the different processing units whether it’s a CPU or a GPU database. When you share this knowledge, it tells employers you know more than just the basics surrounding technology. It also shows you keep up with the latest in tech news and support, and knowing how the game is changing is always important in a job interview.

Basic Tech Vocabulary

You might not realize this but your potential employer could ask you some serious questions about tech knowledge, and you might not pass this subconscious test if you don’t know basic tech terms. If your potential new employer asks you if you’re familiar with social media engagement and you tell them you appreciate people announcing their engagement via social media, you’re not getting the job. Basic tech terms are imperative in any industry. You should know about curated content, flash drives, USB ports, engagement, pixels per inch, resolution, uploads, downloads, and more. Basic tech vocabulary is easier than you realize to learn, and you probably know more than you think.

Tech can be taught, which is why more employers are looking for people who know basic tech skills as well as have the ability and desire to learn and to collaborate with others. You might not know all there is to know about tech if that’s not your industry, but the basics will get you a lot further than you imagine.


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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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