The Strategic Importance of Marketing Your Small Business in 2016

Marketing a small business is a difficult process. Marketing your good reputation is even harder.

It's very simple to get your name out there. You can get as much exposure as you feel you can afford, and there are some easy ways to get lots of online visibility as well.

But to be successful, you need to show more than just your type of business and a phone number or web address. You need to establish yourself as a quality business that will give its customers the best possible product or service, and will follow up with attention afterwards.

How do you do that? How has Myler Disability been able to get positive reviews from clients and then parlay that into additional case load? There are several things your business should do:

Help People Get Informed

There is nothing people hate quite like getting the run-around from so-called experts about the product or service they are shopping for, such as when they reach a point where they need legal representation to proceed with their situation.

Even in these days of free initial consultations, many potential clients prefer to find out a little more about their cases without traveling to an attorney's office. Myler Disability allows people to submit some basic info to the firm and have that reviewed by staff before making a trip to the office.

Any company can do this. While some businesses may fear never getting these potential customers in the door, they also want to lock customers in as long-term patrons. If you're the first business that comes to mind, they'll buy with you whether it was initially online or on the phone. And as long as they are satisfied with their experience as your customer, they will become lifelong believers and advocates.

But even if they do go to another business or simply determine that they don't have a need for your product or service, they will still have a positive image of the company, and that could be very beneficial as they communicate with other people.

So the take-home message is to create lots of open doors for potential customers to have a good experience with you. Expand that beyond trying to get them to call you; give them a chance for a noncommittal contact with you.

Be Ethically Successful

That sounds like an overly obvious answer, but it really isn't. In the maze of state and federal law, environmental regulations, and worker protection standards, there is room to take unethical steps to get sales. Companies that make a lot of sales pressure their workers to make even more sales. But that can be a house of cards that will collapse if they haven't achieved those results in a legal and ethical way.

The reality is that all businesses know which colleagues are reputable and which ones aren't. Ensuring that you manage your business in such a way as to be one of the former will extend your reputation beyond just your competitors and into the realm of the general public. When you are known as an ethical business that does things the right way, customers will seek you out.

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Be More Than Just A Business

Many people go through life interacting very little with certain types of businesses. They may need a law firm for a title search when purchasing a home. They may buy a vehicle only every five or six years. Major home expenses will also be few and far between.

Those people can still help your business. Bear in mind that people who never need your products can still build your company's reputation. Let your employees get involved in the community. Allow them time flexibility to serve as volunteer firefighters or to take on active roles with churches. Sponsor a youth sports team, and drop by the games with sports drinks for them and their opponents.

When people who may never be your customers see this level of commitment in your community, there are two important impacts.

First, your name is in front of their eyes. Your name on sponsored items or on the clothing of civic-minded employees is of great benefit.

Second, they see you as more than just a business trying to make money. They realize that you are trying to make a better community for everyone, and you will come to mind when their friends or neighbors need your products or services.

You do your best work as you assemble, design, repair, or labor for your customers. But most people don't know that much about your business until they start seeking those goods or services. Do what it takes to show your quality to people who have never needed you, and they'll trust you to help when they do need you.

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