The Pros and Cons of Being a Traveling Business Person

As an office worker, you may observe consultants breezing into meetings and leaving after lunch on a trip across the nation as traveling businesspeople. This seemingly exotic career even has its fans in Hollywood, with movies often depicting the harried executive living in the skies. Although traveling for work appears to have nothing but perks, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this career path.

See the World on the Company's Dollar

The most obvious perk to work travel is seeing the world. You may only drive within one state, however, but all the cities you explore add to each day's excitement. Travel that involves flying is normally more exciting. Sit back, work on a presentation and land in a new world. You may only have to work part of the time while enjoying the sights afterward. All travel and lodging expenses are company-paid, making this job perk a huge one. This includes other huge perks as well, for instance if the company is paying for you to travel often you can talk them into leasing a company car for you. Once you have a company car you can save on a lot of costs, including reimbursement for gas, car insurance, as well as food while you're on the road.

Dangers Lurk Down the Road

When you drive long distances, there is a greater chance of possible accidents on the road. You must consider your prowess behind the wheel before taking on a traveling job. Even try an online driving school to shore up your skills. You want to be as safe as possible when driving hundreds of miles in one year alone. There are even dangers to flying, including possible emergency landings, that you must be ready for. Understanding what to do in an emergency is critical to job success while on the road.

Rack up Frequent Flier Miles

Depending on your company's policies, you could accumulate a lot of frequent flyer miles under your name. When you book a flight, use your airline credit card to pay for it. The company pays the fees through expense reports, but you get to keep the frequent flyer miles. If you want to take a vacation one year to Hawaii, those miles literally pay your way to a cheaper travel cost.

Lack of Home Life

Traveling by car or plane takes you away from home for most of the year. Before taking on any travel position, evaluate your home life. A spouse and children are reasons enough to decline a travel-heavy career. However, single people are perfectly suited to this career path. They may only have pets at home that require some care. Not being at home is a disadvantage for most people, but it works for some ambitious individuals.

Opportunities Abound

When you are office-based, your networking opportunities are relatively limited. Working a traveling position allows you to meet and connect with colleagues around the world. You may love your position, but another opportunity could arise with even better benefits. Slowly learn about career aspects you like and dislike as well. When the time comes to move on, you'll have a better grasp of what you truly want out of life.

Poor Eating Habits

It's difficult to eat healthy on a normal day at home so traveling aggravates this issue. Poor eating habits often occur to traveling people because of convenience issues and busy schedules. Most hotels don't offer a kitchenette so eating out becomes habit. High-calorie meals become the norm with little exercise in-between. To be healthy and successful on the road, you must come up with strong eating habits to combat all the other food temptations.

If you ever have the chance to become a traveling businessperson, weigh your personal needs and lifestyle against the rigors of the open road. Whether you drive or fly most of the time, traveling is hard on the body and mind. If you're up to the challenge, take it and enjoy the benefits along the way.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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