The Power of Pictures: Visual Marketing in 2017


Millennials and Generation Z are driving forces behind modern commerce, and they interact best with visual content. The popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest points to a preference for images over text, and posts on Facebook and Twitter generate more engagement when photos are included.

Are you using visual marketing to reach your customers? Get on board in 2017 with these three strategies.

Be an Image-Oriented Storyteller

Images give you a chance to show off the personality behind your brand and create connections with prospective customers. When images are included in content, people remember 55 percent more of what they learn compared to reading straight text. Combining unique character with relevant content in the form of images and graphics invites customers to make your brand’s story a part of their everyday lives.

Understand the Trends

Between 2015 and 2016, the prevalence of visual content in marketing jumped by 130 percent. As the use of visuals evolves, marketers are moving away from stock photos to focus on original graphics and infographics. Over forty-one percent of marketers say these types of content get the most engagement.

By mixing up the types of visual content you share and focusing on originality in your posts, you can enjoy 150 percent more retweets on Twitter and 13.7 percent more organic engagement on Facebook. Think about what customers want to see from your brand, keeping in mind the power visuals have to create connections with young audiences.

Picture Perfect?

Not every photo you take will be “just right,” but you don’t have to waste time snapping dozens of shots of the same subject in pursuit of perfection. A photo editor is a much faster way to clean up suboptimal images for use in marketing. Movavi is one of many photo editing tools available to add punch to pictures. By allowing you to manipulate the appearance of photos and delete unwanted elements, Movavi makes it possible to create unique images with just a few clicks.

If you need to remove unwanted red eye from an otherwise flawless group photo or eliminate a background to isolate specific subjects, you have the tools are your fingertips. Movavi also offers a way to even out skin tone and hide blemishes so that you can create cleaner headshots for all your marketing needs. Add a touch of dramatic flair with color filters, and watch your next campaign take off.

Like many photo editing programs, Movavi offers a free trial so that you can see how the tools work before investing in a full version. It’s smart to give any editing program a try and make sure it has the power you need to enhance your marketing, draw in more customers and increase engagement.

Nearly 61 percent of marketers say visual content is “absolutely necessary” to connect with customers, so it’s time to step up your strategy. Engage your audience, excite their senses and spur them to action with photos and graphics designed to set your brand apart.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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