The Parallels: Sales Partner Recruitment and Staff Recruitment

Consider the process when a company is hiring a new member of staff. The detailed Job Description is completed defined according to what the company needs and role requires.

newsletterThe company has a clear picture on where in their entire business process where the new employee will fit. There are many aspects considered and fantastic scientific procedures have being developed and many books written about this difficult task. How does the recruitment process differ from hiring a junior staff member to hiring a new VP of Sales or other senior manager? Where the greatest capabilities are required bringing much dependency on their success in the role, the more stringent the recruitment process. In these senior roles you want to hire for the long-term and it is very costly for the company, and the new recruit, in getting this wrong, as it does very often. With any role that requires a great level of training to bring the person to standard to function completely in their role, then more care is taken in the recruitment process.

Where the job is a low-skilled role the recruitment process is much less and the staff turnover in these roles can be much greater. Consider contact centres with staff turnover rates as high as 50% per annum.

When a company is building its sales channels, how do you determine how stringent your Partner Recruitment process needs to be?

  • How dependent is your company on the partnership working?
  • What are the risks of getting it wrong and the partner not producing results? Have you lost money and time?
  • Is there a reputational risk, internally or externally, in getting it wrong?
  • How many candidates, or potential partners, should you be considering to make your decision and then how do you decide who to select?
  • Can you select multiple partners and spread your risk?
Every wrong partner selected is wasted effort and goals not met. The more critical the partner or the more senior the manager you’re employing, the more stringent the selection process. Do remember, the best employees have more choices AND the best partners equally have more choices, so you need to have a very compelling reason on why the best should work with your company. For a senior staff member, it is about where the company can take them, their contribution to this and the rewards they will get experience and financial. For a partner company it is also about where your company can take them, experience and financial rewards, your Partner Value Proposition. See Tenego Partnering Channel Development Services



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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