The one book to read over Xmas

The one book to read over Xmas

Lots of briefings

This time of year we are busy briefing companies on trends in innovation, technology, work, strategy and marketing. Using the books of the best business minds to help you make better business decisions on those topics.

Business books 2016

It is also the time to write about the best business book in 2016. And there will be lots of those articles. A version of this article will also appear in the winter edition of Enterprise Ireland's The Market.

I would like to write about the books, not necessarily from 2016, we think every business should read. Preferably not only by you by yourself, but by your entire organisation, making it part of the collective wisdom and internal narrative.

Be sustainable

Climate change” by Joseph Romm is too important to ignore. If our planet heats up above 4 degrees, our children will not have children. At the Sustainability Gathering in November, it was referred to as a potential “Global Syria on steroids”. 

Sustainability will become the new black. Backed by heavy regulation, consumer demand and large multinationals setting new standards. As predicted in “Leading from an emerging future”. It is going is a BIG business opportunity for Ireland Inc. The key question to consider is “what is your transformative purpose” (always good for Xmas to contemplate). 

Then apply some techniques from “Frugal innovation”, and you have your plans and focus for 2017.

Be quick

Peter Hinssen wrote a book called “The network always wins”, which is about organisational design. The question to ask is whether the internal clock speed of your organisation is as fast as the clock speed of the environment you are operating in. If not, you will be in trouble.

If you want a sense of the external clock speed the book to pick up from 2016 is “The inevitable” by Kevin Kelly.

Be mindful

The big trend we have seen this year is about mindfulness. The book to read is “The code of the extraordinary mind” by Vishen Lakhiani. The perfect antidote to deal with the onslaught of change coming our way.


Innovation and reinvention remain hot topics. We think that “The Business Model Innovation Factory" or “The science of serendipity” are the books to read, but if you want a book from 2016, consider “Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption” by Shane Cragun and Kate Sweetman.

Be afraid

If the book “climate change” does not keep you awake, read “Future crimes” by Mark Goodman. The dark side of technology. The other hotspot, which is cyber security. It will heavily influence your technology Xmas shopping list.

Be productive

The best book on productivity this year is “Working Clean” by Dan Charkas. How to apply the techniques from a Masterchef to your work. Which is not that different from how Navy Seals approach their work. If you want some hard-nosed mindfulness, the book, to read is “The Navy Seal Art of War".

Our favourite book for 2016

The book I have found myself giving and recommending to anyone that is willing to listen is "The code of the extraordinary mind". A personal disruption book that will do you the world of good and will make your Xmas.

Happy Xmas. Have a good one!



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