The nobility of sales?

Philip Delves Broughton is the author of “What they teach you at Harvard business school”. Not to be confused with “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack.

We have been searching for a book like this. Our clients regularly ask us to find them a good book on sales for a Bookbuzz session. Most of them are too formulaic. Not this one. The book brings you through a journey of selling. The history, the psychology and the philosophy. The good, the bad and the ugly. Without too much judgement. He does appear to be sceptical about marketing, but then who isn’t?

The book  follows the author across the world meeting legends in sales. He starts with the bazaars in Morocco and finishes with Salesforce. In between he shares the lessons from his conversations with and research into sales people.

  • From story telling to recruitment.
  • From metrics to NLP.
  • From “The secret” to marketing.
  • From religion to customer care.
  • From ego to authenticity.
  • From learned helplessness to energy management.
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin invented newspaper advertising. That the more “no’s” as sales person gets, the more money they make? That optimists are 40% more successful at selling?

That there is  a correlation between success and your internal dialogue? This is where he links selling to “The strangest secret” by Nightingale and tapping into passion, being yourself and loving what you do. Including selling.  And for that alone I love this book.

He is adamant that selling is an essential life skill and applies to a lot of things in life. Selling as a state of mind. He thinks getting an university business degree without sales is like an MBA without studying accounting and that selling should be an integral part of any child’s education. Which is the other reason I love this book.

The final reason I love this book is because it brings nobility back into sales.

For sales professionals, marketers, HR professionals, CEOs and people interested in self-development. Marketing people might not like it……



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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