The Importance of our Posture

Having bad posture is not just about looks – it also affects our daily lives. The way our body works, combined with poor posture, can lead to numerous health problems.

Posture is more important than we think. Through our posture we can express many different feelings like tiredness, stress, fear, happiness and health. That’s why if we can change our posture we can also be happier and healthier.

How is Your Posture?

First of all we have to see how our posture is. Look at your posture in the mirror and notice if you have your shoulders forward, one higher than the other, or your head is tilted or your body seems twisted. If you can see some differences like these in your posture that means that you may have some misalignment in your back.

For example, if one of your shoulders is higher than the other, the tension in your neck can increase, which can increase the pressure on the nerves that come from your head and go through your cervical vertebrae (the bones at the upper part of your spine) to the rest of your body. When that happens you can have symptoms like headaches, neck pain or pain down the arm. Also, it can decrease the space on one side of your chest possibly leading to some breathing difficulties or even digestive problems.


Signs of Bad Posture

When you find those signs of bad posture, it means that you have some misalignment in the spine and a lack of movement in the joints. This interferes with the function of your nervous system because you are increasing the pressure on it. The nervous system controls everything in your body – all tissues, vessels and organs. If there is any pressure on the nerves, the nervous system loses the ability to control the body and that’s when the damage can occur. When something like this happens you may just have discomfort or you could even have chronic pain. Changing your habits can reduce the load on your back and joints, helping to decrease the pain, but your body can not be fixed or cured by itself and after several years the damage may need some help and attention.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves – what makes us have bad posture? The answer is so easy – our bad habits. Our body is not designed to spend 8 hours sitting without moving in front of a desk, working with a computer, lifting weight or twisting without care. If we can take care of our posture in our daily activities we can start feeling the improvement in our health and even in our emotions. No matter how old you are and how many years you’ve spent doing the same thing you still can change your posture and prevent other major problems.

Your Chiropractor will help you to prevent spinal misalignment and reduce the pressure in your nervous system while recommending some specific exercises to help you to keep your spine free of interferences and with a good posture.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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