The Importance of Location to Start Ups

Many things require careful consideration when you’re building your business, name, products, employees, the list goes on. Before the days of the internet and complex telephone systems, a physical presence was the sole way to ensure a business reaches its customers. But, when you factor in the advancements of technology and the development of new business trends; has the importance of a good location fallen?

The Importance of Location to Start Ups

Working From Home

Due to the growing amount of ways we’re able to connect with anyone at any time, more and more business founders are choosing to begin their business from the comfort of their own home. 60 per cent of businesses are started at home, making it the most popular way to get going. Advancements in technology such as cloud computing, hosted telephony solutions and high-speed broadband connections allow your business to be based in your bedroom but connected to the rest of the world at the same time.

Running costs are significantly lower, as you’re not paying office OR travel expenses, as well as allowing yourself flexibility to your working hours. There’s no real thought going into the location factor here, the focus is solely on the set up of the business whilst still having access to customers and clients through the internet.

A national presence without moving

For those business owners who are working from home, it may be difficult to engage customers because of the geography of the office, but there are ways around this. There are ways to use technology to a business’ advantage letting location need not be a factor in building success. Businesses are able to appeal to thousands of customers across the UK by presenting a national presence without any significant costs in a number of ways.

Adopting a non-geographic number is one way to do this, a business using an NGN has been proven to be the first choice for consumers looking for a particular service rather than a business with a geographic number based miles away.

Building a strong web presence is another way. The number of people shopping online is constantly increasing, again showing less of a need for a good physical location, so having an appealing and functional website with a strong content strategy is an excellent way to get your business noticed without location playing a part.

Remote working

Location is also less of a factor when you consider the flexibility of places business owners and employees are able to work from. The ability to work on the move or from whatever location you’re in is now readily available, as smartphone, tablets and cloud data hosting allow for access to business data from anywhere.

Interaction with customers and clients need not suffer because of the lack of specific business location, because of the capabilities of communication technologies such as conference calling and SIP trunking which allow for numerous people to part of one singular call session so people can be connected to each other wherever they may be. Virtual meetings can easily replace physical ones, reducing the need for professional premises.

“We’ve noticed a continual increase in the amount of home-based business contacting us to expand their presence. Those that are using non-geographic numbers and have comprehensive broadband capabilities are finding it easier to work from anywhere, with the majority of people choosing not to have dedicated business premises,” says Adam Brett, 08Direct’s senior account manager.

It would be naïve to say here that location is becoming less important for every type of business, some depend heavily on physical meetings with clients and a workforce working together under one roof. What is clear though; is that the emphasis on location is becoming less important when a business is starting up because of the ease of technology allowing a lot more flexibility within the working world.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019
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