The importance of label printing

With people becoming more aware of evolving label printing technologies, many are revising their processes in order to capitalise on new solutions to advance their business.

Today’s businesses are savvier than ever and fully understand the advantages of using digital labels to assist with sales, marketing, advertising and product placement.

All labels – irrespective of their shape, size, colour or purpose – are intended to reveal information about products that is not immediately available. Labels are particularly important when items are to be shipped; they notify the carrier that extra care will be needed when handling the package to prevent potential danger.

Sourcing label printing

When sourcing the necessary labelling stuffs, make sure you consider that some labels will need to be printed using specialist materials. Examples of these specialist labels include; marine adhesive labels that are designed to withstand sea water, tamper evident security labels for banking, 2D QR barcodes or premium bottling labels with re-positionable materials.

Not every business requires labels that are tailored for specific preferences. Instead, they may prefer to utilise professionally designed label templates to make the correct first impression. There are a number of different templates to choose from, which you can fine-tune to ensure that they fit-in with your business image and objectives.

An imperative question to ask yourself during the design process, is whether the label successfully announces what is actually inside the package. This is information that a potential customer needs to know. Otherwise you might as well spend all day in the office with the phone off-the-hook. An unclear label message can hinder sales potential.

Deliver the right message

Identifying the correct solution is essential to a successful product, which is why it is always best to ask for advice in the initial stages. With so many different features, materials and finishes available, the right level of expertise can deliver a lot to the final product.

It is important to remember that labelling can be the most effective method of communication with customers – if done correctly. Consider it a manufacturer’s unique version of a shop window and an easy opportunity to deliver the right message to a potential customer.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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