The Greener the Greater: How to Make Your Company Accountable

We hear a lot today about the environment, and the many ways we can help to make it a better place for our children, their children, and everyone around us. The greener we can make our environment, the better and healthier lives we will all lead. The best way we can provide an environmentally-friendly world is by each of us doing our part. Sometimes, even the smallest things can make a difference. Learn how to make your company accountable, and go green on a daily basis.

Get Everyone Involved – Start Small

Your employees are more likely to take an interest if they’re all included and involved. Discuss ways you, as a company, can be more sustainable and energy efficient, but start with something small such as lighting. Get rid of all your conventional light bulbs, and replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs. Inform the person in charge of purchasing supplies to do the same.

Save on Paper

Thanks to technological advancements such as e-mail, electronic transmission, and networking, printing on actual paper is something that’s seldom done anymore. However, as a business, there probably are times when you will need to print. When that happens, use post-consumer waste, or eco-friendly paper. Making PCW paper not only uses 45% less energy, but also creates only 50% of the waste it takes to make conventional paper.

Recycle Everything You Can

Recycling things when you can, makes a much bigger difference than most of us realize. The number of things that can safely be recycled increases every year. The more things you can recycle, the fewer things there will be filling up the landfills. This will also result in fewer charges on your waste bill. Even rubber tires, which have always been a huge problem and threat to the environment, can be safely destroyed with tire recycling machinery. Get your employees involved by giving bonuses to those who recycle and put some in charge of emptying recycle bins each week.

Watch Water Consumption

It’s hard to imagine, but every year thousands of gallons of water are wasted just in the bathroom and kitchen. An easy way to eliminate this is by investing in low-flow toilets, and automated faucets. You’ll be amazed at how much your company will save in utility costs. You might also want to utilize your rain gutters, by collecting the rain water, which can be used for watering lawns, trees, and your other landscaping items.

These are just a few of the many ways your company can become greener every day. The little things really can make a difference in helping the world around you. Get everyone involved today!

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Monday, 22 July 2019
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