Four Golden Rules Of Online Marketing


Online marketing is a constantly moving field. Just maintaining your site nowadays simply isn't enough. SEO or PPC have been proven to be a successful way to increase traffic and website usability as well as savvy funnelling helps to convert the people who visit your website into potential clients. Here are four things which will help you boost your business as you use online marketing to reach potential customers. Read on to find out four golden rules of online marketing.

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Rule 1: Keep Your Website Fresh

Competition online is fierce, there's no doubt about that. Trends are set by search engines, which are constantly changing - evolving, to bring the user the most valuable information. This is where Search Engine Optimisation matters, because it's about reaching your target customer with relevant content that they could be searching on. Keeping your website updated matters.

Updating your website regularly, particularly with content that your target customer may be searching on, will not only bring fresh traffic and potential leads but also will bring the attention of the web-crawling bots to your business thus potentially ranking it higher on the search engine result page.

Think of your site as if it was a car. The first rule of car dealership is that the first eight seconds are most important. If it doesn't appeal to customers, they won't buy it. Same goes for a website. It needs a proper design and a user-friendly interface to make it work. And don't forget it must be mobile responsive too. 

Rule 2: Online Marketing Is Just One Channel

Of course, online marketing is an effective and practical way to boost your business. It should, however, be combined with a more traditional approach, depending on where and who your target customer is, in order to get as much as traction as possible.

Let me give you an example. Say there are 2 companies, Company #1 and Company #2.

Company #1 has spent all their budget on online marketing while Company #2 has spent some budget offline on more traditional marketing as well as the digital. Company number #1 appears on top positions on search engine rankings while Company #2 is on let's say - third place.

What the other marketing does is build brand awareness offline as well as online so that when a customer is familiar with your brand or company they will be more likely to choose it instead of relying solely on Google results. Trust matters online. 

Rule 3: Build Trust

A website's main purpose is to convert visitors to customers. However, you need to build trust first.

High quality content whether it be explainer videos, infographics, articles, all help to build brand credibility and trust online.

Think about where people are on the buying journey and create good content on your website that helps inform, educate, build trust and ultimately bring leads/enquiries/sales. 

Rule 4: Have Patience

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a successful online marketing strategy. It can take months for your strategy to come to fruition. 

The secret is to always improve. Improve on your site's design, on your content and on your inbound links. Improve but measure and keep checking what's working, what's not working. Think of online marketing as an art more rather than science.

Always stay on top of your website and research who is visiting, and understand what their wants and needs are.

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Sunday, 17 November 2019
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