The Four Golden Rules Of Online Marketing

Online marketing and e-commerce have changed a lot for the past ten years or so. Just maintaining your site nowadays simply isn't enough. Scary combinations of letters such as SEO or PPC are ruling the market for the last couple of years. These have been proven as a successful way to increase traffic and convert the people who visit your website, into potential clients. This list in made to point out a few things which will help you boost your business by expanding the reach of your website to potential customers.

Rule 1: Be One Step Ahead

Competition is fierce, you can bet on that. Competitors are always up-to-date with the latest trends. Trends that are set up by search engines, which are constantly changing - evolving, to bring the user the most valuable information. This is where the term Search Engine Optimization steps in. It revolves around keeping your website updated. This will not only bring fresh traffic and consumers but also will bring the attention of the web-crawling bots to your business thus rank it higher on the search engine result page. Most business owners overlook the importance of Google and its impact. With roughly 6 billion searches per day it dominates the search engines and will be your best friend or your worst enemy when you develop your business strategy.

Let me get you a better personal example. As an entrepreneur I have started a business for tile and grout cleaning company in Melbourne, Australia called Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne. With around 400 average monthly searches Google presented me with a chance to expand my business and find potential customers.

Think of your site as if it was a car. The first rule of car dealership is that the first eight seconds are most important. If it doesn't appeal good to the customers, they won't buy it. Same goes to a website. It needs a proper design and a user-friendly interface to make it work. Don't give up that chance!

Rule 2: Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Online marketing is an effective and practical way to boost your business. It should, however, be combined with a more traditional approach in order to get as much as possible from your endeavour. Let me give you an example. We have two companies - company #1 and company #2. Company #1 has spent a big amount of money on online marketing as company #2 has a balanced budget. Company number #1 appears on top positions on search engine rankings as company #2 is on lets say - third place. When a customer is familiar with a brand or company (achieved mainly through traditional marketing) they will choose it in 80% of the time, instead of relying only on Google results.

Rule 3: Always Look For New Ways to Promote

A website's main purpose is to convert visitors to customers. However, this is not its only purpose. Business owners don't realize that a website can also promote other fields of online marketing like brand awareness or brand credibility. Lets see an example here - you are a marketer who sells cars. You could shoot a five minute video on how a car works and upload it to various video-sharing sites such as YouTube. Will this get you any potential customers? 98% of the time not. Why should you do it, regardless? Because of brand awareness and exposure. Same goes to infographics, articles and whatever creative you can think of. Let your imagination work.

Rule 4: Patience

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a successful marketing strategy. Online marketers don't realise, it takes many months for your strategy to come to fruition. Again - example. You have spent a couple of months to chose the right keywords and then done successfully the search engine optimisation process. Should you just sit there and wait? Answer is no. Your site needs monitoring, updating its content and inbound links to it. Don't abandon your strategy because you're not seeing any results right away!

The secret is to always improve. Improve on your site's design, on your content and on your inbound links. Improve but be patient to see the results that follow. Think of online marketing as an art more rather than science. Always stay on top of your website and research its relation to visitors and what their wants and needs are.

So there you have it! Doesn't matter if it's a small tile cleaning service that you offer or you are a fortune 500 company. It's always about choosing the right strategy, planning it right and being patient!



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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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