The biggest business opportunity since the internet


One of the team in Business-Achievers wrote a book about future trends. This is the intro. You can download the book, which includes summaries of all the books mentioned here:

How climate aware are you?

I regard myself as reasonably aware. And for about ten years, I was aware of this thing called climate change. It was there in the background. I understood it was important. For example, in 2011 I read The New Capitalist Manifesto, which calls for a new of looking at capitalism. At that stage, it was just an interesting book, but not important.

I then moved on to thinking about other things such as strategy, selling, innovation, entrepreneurship, life, the universe, my kids, paying the bills, etc.


It started to become more prominent when I read Leading from the Emerging Future, From Ego System to Eco System Economics. A book about 4.0 economics. It was way ahead of its time. The need to move to biomimicry, zero waste, 100% renewable energy, closed loop design. To relink work with purpose. The acceptance that ecologically, economically, socially and spiritually we are all interdependent and connected.

Frugal innovation

A few months later I was appointed as the entrepreneur in residence for Sustainable Nation. Trying to tackle climate change through entrepreneurship and innovation. Preferably through Frugal Innovation. Circular economy, sharing economy, up-cycling, enlightened self-disruption and sustainability as success factors. Soon climate change will fundamentally change the business models. You will need to read up on innovation. Start with “The Business Model Innovation Factory” and “The Science of Serendipity”.

Opportunity hotspot

I quickly realised it was one of the biggest opportunity hotspots since the internet. As identified in The Big Pivot. It is also calling for a new way of accounting things, including putting a value on natural capital (48 trillion per year) and putting a cost on use of such capital. Making most businesses immediately loss-making and countries GDP a useless figure. The book suggests heresy innovation as the way to re-invent your business. Question everything.

We are running out of time

Only in the last 1.5 years, I understood how serious this is. The book Climate Change opened my eyes. The impact of 2 degrees warming on the planet, the CO2 delay effect, exponential effects and the dark or negative version of Moore’s law. With an “overcorrected” effect. Climate change and chaos theory.

Waterworld and Mad Max

The last time the Earth’s atmosphere was at 400 ppm of CO2 was a few million years ago. Back then sea level was some 15–25 meters (50–80 feet) above current levels. That could mean Waterworld or Mad Max. Possibly within the next 50-60 years. That is within the lifetime of our children.

No sense of urgency

That makes the lack of urgency really scary. As described in The End of Western Civilisation. The book takes a future retrospective on why we sleep walked into a potential disaster. How politicians, scientists and big industry lobbyist stopped us from taking the right actions. A fundamental system failure. Look around you. It is happening as we speak.

Let's be positive

But negativity does not work. Hence Climate of Hope. The focus on the business opportunity that is climate change. An 85 trillion market opportunity. With a range of positive solutions. Not as good as Drawdown. The book beats you up with a number of staggering statistics on how shameful our behaviour is with regard to nature and climate. Truly shameful. But it combines that with 90 solutions, a lot of which are being implemented right now. Also at an exponential rate.

A race between exponential curves

The exponential technology race and let’s hope we will make it. The image to put in your head is two exponential hockey sticks, one line representing climate change, the other the exponential rate of technology development and hoping that the lines meet before we get to 2 degrees by 2040. With maybe a word of warning from The Second Machine Age and Machine, Platform, Crowd about the winners take all economy. We might be safe, but we might also be living in a version of 1984.

It is becoming part of business thinking

What is most interesting that climate change is now becoming part of strategy, selling, innovation, entrepreneurship and business models. It should always be about thinking of the future and life of your children. Paying the bills will become immaterial when we do not solve this. It will be the least of your worries.

Transformative purpose

Books such as Exponential Organisations, with the call for transformative purpose as the only way to scale. Climate change is the ultimate transformative purpose. Time to re-read Makers and how 3D printing and the maker's movement will have an impact on the climate in a positive way. With the thinking from Evolved Enterprise and Firms of Endearment. With some very interesting statistics on their ability to sell, grow and stay in business. Applying the principles of The New Capitalist Manifesto.

Take action

Which means you need to start and take action as a business. Use a book as Future Vision and apply some climate change scenarios. Suggest you start with calculating how profitable you are if you have to pay for your impact on natural capital (water, soil, air, forestry, nature, etc.).

Business thinkers agree

The good news is that in some very recent books such as The Industries of the Future, climate change features prominently as well as in The Day After Tomorrow and Thank You For Being Late. In the day after tomorrow, climate change will be prominent. Friedman sees it as one of the fundamental exponential forces, besides technology and globalisation. And they all interconnect. In good and bad ways.

Fundamental t future success

That is why sustainability is now regarded by some of the best business thinkers as fundamental to business success and is now mainstream business thinking. Making your business more Antifragile for when the shocks to the supply chains, the weather, calls for transparency and consumerism will hit your business.

Let's just hope it is not too late.

You can dowload the full book



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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