The Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home seems like the ideal situation for many of us, the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance is one that we all aspire to. But what are the real benefits of working from home? And how can businesses work to ensure they are meeting the requirements of their homeworking employees? Research undertaken in 2015 shows that more than four million people in Britain have abandoned their office in favour of working from home – this equates to 13.7% of professionals in the total workforce.

The benefits for employees who undertake working from home can range from easing stress-related work issues, to eliminating long commutes, enabling less distractions and bringing more productivity, but there are also a number of benefits for the business too. There are a number of industries in which working from home is becoming much more of a norm for employees, as businesses recognise how allowing their team to work from home can heighten productivity and enhance business goals.

Praxis42 take a look into the benefits of working from home, and introduce their new homeworking modules to assist business owners in understanding how they can approach the subject of working from home within their company.

The Benefits

One of the most common benefits that is available to homeworkers is the flexibility it offers them in terms of the commute to the office, their work-life balance, and the level of stress

  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Happier and less stressed employees
  • Eliminating lengthy commutes

Employees have come to expect a right to request flexible working; flexitime is being implemented across many sectors and in many businesses, with a view to allowing team members to be present during the core hours of the day.

Not only this, but in an environment where office space in big cities is becoming increasingly expensive – homeworking is becoming a popular way of working for start-up businesses, especially in the tech and digital industries. Technology has advanced to allow working from home to offer the same opportunities to staff as they would find in an office.

Key Elements of Working From Home

Technology is a key resource in enabling employees to work from home, this is why it is common for businesses within the tech industry to be much more open in their approach to working from home, allowing for flexible schedules, amongst other benefits. With much of their business being based online, it is more viable for them to maintain communication and productivity amongst teams whilst working from home.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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