The Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing campaigns have becoming increasingly popular as of late. This is because there are so many benefits to engaging in email marketing. In this post I outline some of the benefits of email marketing campaigns.

Helps Bring Repeat Business

Sending regular email updates to a company’s customers keeps them engaged with the company and lets them know when sales and special events are taking place. This encourages them to shop with the business more often than they may have otherwise.

Upselling and Cross Selling

E-mail marketing campaigns often encourage upselling and cross selling. People who are already willing to purchase from a company to begin with can often be persuaded to purchase additional goods or services.

Sales Conversions Increase

People that only visit a company’s website once may not be likely to do business with that company. However, people that receive email campaigns are often directed to the website to find out more about what the company has to offer them. Enticing people to do business with a company is a huge part of any email marketing campaign. For that reason the campaigns are designed to make people feel like they must have the goods or services a company is selling.

Cost Effective

E-mail marketing campaigns are always more cost effective for a company than any other type of marketing campaign. Not only is it cost effective it saves time as well. Marketing through traditional means is a much more time consuming process than a simple email marketing campaign.

Global Internet Use

Many people that use the Internet check their email every day. This means that it is easier to reach people through email marketing than direct marketing, which involves sending physical mail to people. Since the Internet makes many things easier to do, people are more willing to read the messages that get sent out as part of an email marketing campaign.

Opt-In Marketing Is Effective

When people agree to receive the types of emails that stem from email marketing they are opting in. This usually means they are more receptive to purchasing products and services from a particular company. Re-establishing relationships with former customers is harder and more time consuming than keeping customers engaged with a company so that they remain loyal to the company.

Spurs Competition

In 2012 a survey was performed that determined that 87% of companies that use social media engage in email marketing. Of the 87% that do, 93% of them reported that they would continue to those efforts and would increase the number of email marketing campaigns run. This means that another benefit of an email marketing campaign is that it allows companies to compete with other companies. Those companies that do not use email marketing campaigns may reach the point where they simply cannot compete anymore. This can seal the fate of any business.

For all these reasons, it is smart for businesses to engage in email marketing campaigns. Keeping up with the changing times is crucial in the business world.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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