The Benefits of Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

For your PPC campaign to work optimally, you need to keep up with the changing trends and technological innovations in the online marketplace. Since the goal is to attract traffic and convert them into customers, you need to understand the consumer behaviour of your target customers. This will enable you to come up with appropriate ways of reaching them and turning them into regular customers.

People nowadays access the internet using a range of devices, and they keep switching between from one device to another. Your PPC campaign should be able to reach these people across multiple devices if you want good returns.

AdWords enhanced campaigns

Google AdWords enhanced campaigns enable you to manage your PPC campaign simultaneously on different platforms. You can easily manage complex tasks related to ads, bidding and targeting for the same campaign from different platforms like PC, mobile and tablets. It has also reduced the need to create multiple campaigns for each targeted device type since you can have one campaign across different platforms.

With enhanced campaigns, your PPC ads are eligible to appear on all devices by default, making it easier for you to manage them. You can also choose to grab the attention of customers, for example, by customizing your ad text or extensions for the mobile devices they are using. This means that for one enhanced campaign, you can display different ads and extensions for your customers to see according to the different devices they use for their searches.


With time, you will realize from an analysis of your PPC campaign that the value you gain from clicks follows certain patterns, for example, according to location, time of day, or from a mobile device. Enhanced campaigns has a setting for bid adjustments that enables you to raise or lower your bids depending on when and where you want your ad to appear. You can set multiple bid adjustments for days, times, mobile devices and locations – they are all multiplied together to get the final bid.

Quality score

Search engine companies use quality score to determine the cost-per-click and position of your ad based on relevance. Every time you enter your keyword into an auction, the quality score is calculated with the device being taken into account. Google Adwords uses a quality score with a scale of 1-10 which represents the overall performance of the keyword across all the devices on which it is available.

Ad extensions

With Google Adwords enhanced campaign, you get more control and enhanced reporting on three upgraded ad extensions – sitelink extensions, app extensions, and call extensions. There is also a new version of social extensions called social annotations, which is fully automated under enhanced campaigns. The other extensions just function as usual.

Using the upgraded extensions, you get to choose which ads are to be shown with your extensions, whether it is all the ads in the campaign or those in a specific ad group. You can also set the time you want your extension to run using the start and end dates, as well as set it to run for specific times of the day or days of the week. Furthermore, you are shown the performance data for each extension so you can monitor them easily.



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Monday, 23 September 2019
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