The 8 Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Marketing Consultant


I have been asked many times from clients about their past contact with marketing companies and how broad it seems to be when dealing with their marketing plans. Often people find it difficult when it comes to choosing marketing companies to know what is right for them. To make it easier I have come up with The 8 Things You Should Know Before Selecting A Marketing Consultant:

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1. Make sure you click with the person

They will be getting inside knowledge about your business so trust is vital for it to work.

2. Check what their background is

Check also what industries they have worked with to ensure they are right for your business.

3. Ask for references

Phone past clients if you have to: Personal contact will get truthful answers.

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4. Check to see if they are interested in learning about your business rather than just invoicing.

We make our clients fill in a 10 page questionnaire which gives us insight into their business so we can create complete and focused marketing solutions which are related to their business and not some template. We get some looks at first but it creates a professional image.


5. Set clear goals

If clear and measurable goals are not mentioned at the initial meeting, walk out: All I mean from this a marketing plan is only a plan if there are not systems in place to help achieve the sales/marketing goals so deal with companies that want to create results for you. Examples: use unique phone number on radio adverts to measure results.

6. Look for creativity

Ask the company for creative ideas and cost effective ways to achieve your goals. Can they show you good examples from past campaigns?

7. Have they contacts within the media?

This will make it easier if media buying is required for advertising and also with the circulation of press releases.

8. Look at a long term contract

Marketing companies tend to work better for you if you sign them up for a 12 month contract, it means they have time to get to know your business and deliver effective results. But don’t forget to negotiate as term contracts give you better control over pricing.

I hope this is of benefit and just remember marketing is all about connecting your customers with your business and you should know your customers better than anyone.

About the author

Denis Finnegan is founder of Finn Media; a sales focused marketing company based in Cork. He is also an associated member of the Cork city BNI networking chapter.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019
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