The 5 Benefits of Using SSO (Single Sign-On) for Businesses

While Single Sign On (SSO) has been around for some time now, it’s only recently gained attention in the mainstream. It’s spreading like wildfire though, and now there are many websites using it. Here’s a good look at the 5 benefits of using Single Sign On for big businesses.

Reduce Help Desk Costs

Thanks to SSO, there’s no need for users to keep track of loads of passwords. This saves you time and money because around half of every help desk request is over a forgotten password, and a call about resetting passwords can cost you up to $70. With more users comes higher demand for the Help Desk, and the higher the costs of it. With Single Sign On, users only need to remember one password so they are less likely to need to reset their passwords.

Satisfies Customers

The websites offering SSO are typically social network sites and websites that care a lot about their users. This isn’t a coincidence, as SSO is there to make the user experience better by making signing in faster and simpler. Making logging in as simple as possible is important because this login screen is the all-important first impression users have. This process needs to be as appealing as possible from the very beginning.

Boost Productivity

When you have strict policies on passwords, it can make something as simple as signing in take longer than it needs. Users will have to look through their list of passwords and enter the password in manually. If they get their password wrong, then it makes things take even longer. Users are able to login simply and quickly to start work immediately when you use SSO.

Improve Security Capabilities

One of the biggest misconceptions made about Single Sign On is that it weakens security, allowing several accounts to be hacked into with one stolen password. The truth of the matter is that enabling users to have one password for several accounts encourages them to choose a strong and secure password, and keep it confidential. SSO also encourages employees to make use of security applications that, despite being so powerful at securing data, are underutilised because of their conceived complication.

Facilitate B2B Collaboration

There are a lot of products – such as cars, computers, and phones – are the product of collaboration. That takes a lot of interconnection between companies. One way this is done is through extranets. Companies put data on these extranets and allow outside companies to access it for the purpose of collaboration. You can imagine the kind of authentication and authorization mechanisms that go into such a system. The Single Sign On system simplifies the process and helps to facilitate B2B collaboration. Improving collaboration allows companies to develop products faster and get them out on the market on time.

Recommended SSO System

One of the best SSO-enabled file transfer services for transferring data securely is Atavier. As great as SSO is, it all falls apart if you don’t use the right system. So find the best solution for your business.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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