The 13 Books to Read for Xmas


The books to read
Yep, it is that time of year again. The books to read for Xmas. With the Bookbuzz sessions, we cover a lot of books every year. Below are the ones that stand out, with a link to the summaries.

The code of the extraordinary mind
The book that I still recommend to anyone is “The code of the extraordinary mind”. It changed my life, it will change yours.

The day after tomorrow
If you are interested in frameworks on how to deal with change, Peter Hinssen’s book “The day after tomorrow“ is the one to read. If you want to read up on change and how it is affecting us, you should pick up “Thank you for being late” and “No ordinary disruption”.

Some depressing messages from those books. We are now at a stage where one person can kill everyone on this planet. Climate change might do the same and we are running out of materials, water and capital. Which means interest rates will go up.

Be happy
To counteract that negative perspective, you should read “Solve for happy” and “Lovability”. They are a personal and a business perspective on happiness.

Let's hope that “Bold” is right and that technology and abundance will solve these issues before it is too late.

Be better
If you are interested in performance there are a few. “Extreme leadership” takes the Navy Seal approach and so does “Make your bed”. “Stealing fire” is about flow. Flow is a tool that is used by Navy Seals and increasingly finding business applications.

So is the use of artificial intelligence and “The seventh sense” will give you some things to think about. The question asked; if AI has taken over the world, would it let us know?

Time to reflect
That is something to think about while you are going for a walk. Do yourself a favour and leave all electronics at home. You will understand why after reading “The end of absence”.

The future, slow down or go faster
Some of the books are summarised in my own book “The future, slow down or go faster”. Some of the titles were not published when I wrote it, but they will make the next edition. You can download it for free here, using the code “Ron-wishes-you-a-happy-Xmas”.

Have a great Xmas.


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Fionan Murray on Monday, 18 December 2017 10:49

did you have to make it 13? but a great list!

did you have to make it 13? but a great list!
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