How to Do SEO For A Brand New Site That Has No Visitors or Money

How to Do SEO For A Brand New Site That Has No Visitors or Money

If you are currently doing SEO for a brand new unknown site, follow the following steps to yourself ranked well in no time.

Note that some of the steps are principles and not just tactics.

Pick a niche

Niches are the way to go online. But still a lot of people get it wrong.

Backlinko is a case of niches done right.

The site created by Brian Dean started as a pure linkbuilding site.

He went in depth on linkbuilding and got noticed by other experts in the field like Neil Patel.

After he conquered the linkbuilding space, he moved onto SEO (a broader topic).

Focus on detailed and quality content

Take a look at Backlinko’s posts and you will see why they have gotten the traction they did.

Some posts are 3000 words long and some are 10000 words long.

But the beauty of his approach is that he only writes once or twice a month, leaving ample room for him to research and collect data for his next post.

His framework for creating top notch content is his Skyscraper Technique.

Promote & outreach

Often overlooked by the novice, the “build-it-and-they-will-come” model doesn’t work online. Period.

You need to promote your content if you want people to pay attention to it.

One of the methods of outreach is to first find out who would be interested in your content.

You can use tools such as Followerwonk to find out which Twitter users have shared content similar to your own.

You can also use Google (using a specific keyword) and restrict the region to your country and results to date back to up to last year and approach websites by e-mailing them saying that you have created something similar and you have cited them in your post.

Ask them if they want to take a look.

Expand to a broader topic or another topic

This plays with an effect scientists call the Halo effect.

The Halo effect states that whenever someone is known is to be great one thing, he or she is generally perceived to be great in another.

Backlinko started with a subtopic (linkbuilding) and slowly expanded to SEO where it remained an authority till this day.

In conclusion, the ways to start getting your brand new site ranked is to:

Pick a solid niche
Focus on detailed and quality content
Promote & outreach
Expand to a broader topic or another topic



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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